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Organic Cotton

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Organic cotton is a natural and biodegradable fibre, which avoids the harmful effects of toxic pesticides. Organic cotton also helps to improve the benefits of cotton producers and the environment in developing countries.

But where did organic cotton originate from? WE have looked into the history of organic cotton and its timeline throughout the ages. Read on the find out more: 

The History…

Believed to have been first cultivated in the Indus delta, Scientists dates the first use of cotton from 6,000BC. Dating back to ancient times, the first evidence of organic cotton originated in India and Pakistan.

By the 1st century, Arab traders brought their cotton products to Italy and Spain and organic cotton was later introduced to Europe during late medieval times.

 Grown without the use of any pesticides or fertilisers, organic cotton was already harvesting throughout the warmer regions in Asia and America by the end of the 16th century. Using non genetically modified plants, the production organic cotton spread to Mesopotamia, Egypt and Nubia.

 Now being introduced to Africa in the 18th century, and then spreading to India, Pakistan and China, tradition varieties were soon being replaced with their own methods. During the Industrial Revolution, the invention of the spinning machine and cotton gin was a great help to the cotton manufacturing industry.


The Future…

 After disappearing for about a century, naturally coloured cotton suddenly appeared as a fashion item in the early 1990s. Now establishing new and sustainable ways to further sustainable markets, the use of organic cotton helps to reduce the high amount of pesticides and insecticides inhaled by cotton farmers.

Organic cotton is now being applied worldwide, with most companies transitioning to the environmentally friendly material. Since the introduction of organic products has been brought into the mainstream fashion industry, the technique has now also been used on linen and wool.

Why choose organic cotton?

There are a variety of benefits to choosing to wear organic cotton. Besides from being beneficial to the environment and cotton farmers, organic cotton product are much softer on skin. The working environment for cotton farmers is also improved, due to small-scale farmers not having to by large amount of pesticides.

So switch to organic cotton today. Make your skin and the environment happier! Browse through out products to find something to suit you!


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