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The Project Garments was founded with the intention of redefining easy to wear and casual clothing through an emphasis on high quality materials, exquisitely casual style and fair trade. We created the brand to fulfill our desire for sophisticated, qualitative and distinctive garments.

The Project Garments stays committed to evolving vintage luxury with a fresh interpretation and a trend-setting appeal for today’s customer. It dedicates its creativity to people who are able to understand and embrace a relaxed and active lifestyle. 

The main task of the Project Garments is to develop products, which are engineered to be not only stylish and fashionable but durable as well. More than that, we want our customers to fall in love with our garments and never take them off.

Our product range include the epitomes of the finest organic cotton, which has been knitted in United States, t-shirts produced in the south of Italy and fair-traded along with all of our garments, knitwear, pants and super soft sweatshirts and hoodies. Most of our products have been garment dyed and garment washed to have an excellent final outcome. We develop unique blends ourselves to be produced from scratch such as silk, modal, linen and cashmere in order to achieve the best of menswear and to differentiate from the others.

Whereas we are trying to achieve the best end result in our field, we do not want men to wander to find the rest elsewhere. We are trying to collaborate continuously with leaders in their fields such as beauty, accessories etc. in order to provide a complete portfolio of lifestyle products to our customers.

Our motto is: Never forget that Fashion must be accessible without compromise on quality!

Shall you have any further questions about who we are, what we do or about any of our products or if you have any particular requests, feel free to e-mail us @ online@theprojectgarments.com and we would be very glad to answer all of your questions at our earliest convenience (we do mean that).