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Beoplay H9i Review | The Project Garments

Whether you are listening at home, on the go, when traveling, in the office or wherever you happen to be, then Bang and Olufsen Beoplay H9i epitomizes the best in Bluetooth over-ear headphones.

Beoplay H9i Over Ear Headphones Black

The B&O Play H9i is the updated model of H9, bringing smaller ear-cups, excellent battery life, enhanced noise-canceling (ANC), USB-C charging and an extra bass from a new port. In other words, the H9i is working on rebuilding any doubts we ever had with the earlier H9. Best noise-canceling headphones These headphones succeed exceptionally in every regard. The only actual problem is possible to be money related.

Although the H9i's ear-cups couldn't be called small (they are smaller than the original H9) which makes for a cleaner look and lighter weight than the earlier model. That's not to the loss of comfort though: there's no excess pinch to the ears during wear, while there's lots of room to breathe around your lugholes.

Beoplay H9i Over Ear Headphones Black

Bang and Olufsen Beoplay headphones are all about being comfortable, offering a luxe finish and considered style. The padding of the ear-cups makes the H9i supremely suitable to wear for long periods of time. As the H9i is Bluetooth compatible, it can be used wire-free, which is great for avoiding getting in a tangle with the included 3.5mm socket and cable.

Beoplay H9i Over Ear Headphones Black


Contol Panel

There's a gesture control panel on the right ear-cup, with controls handled by tapping and swiping. One tap pauses or plays while a swipe up activates active noise-cancellation (swipe down deactivates it).

Sound Quality and Noise Cancelling

The thing that's always drawn us back to the H9 time and again is the overall sound quality and subtle noise-canceling. That's back and even better in the H9i thanks to a new bass port and more considered ANC than before. The treble is a little more permeating than from the H9, too, in a good way.

Beoplay H9i Over Ear Headphones Black

When it comes to active noise cancellation, some complained that the H9 never had an especially strong delivery. Having used them on several plane flights, we appreciate the way that engine buzz is cut-out without minimizing the overall sound.

In the H9i the Noise Cancelling has been improved to cut out a higher frequency range, which makes it much better for blotting out voices too. If you want the external world to disappear, then these aren't destined to be the headphones for you. If you want to be more aware of your surroundings, the noise canceling can be turned completely off, and the sound quality is not impacted.

To take it a step further, activate " transparency " the headphones will augment ambient noises using a microphone, similar to a hearing aid. It is very helpful not to have to raise these headphones every time someone wants to talk.

Beoplay H9i Over Ear Headphones Black

Battery Life

The battery lasts for 18 hours per charge, which we have tested and found to be accurate.

Bluetooth 4.2

Moving on, Bluetooth Connection is version 4.2.  I was able to achieve 92 linear feet and 102 feet with the H8i and H9i respectively.

Phone Call Test

Last but not least, phone call tests were extremely clear.  My voice felt to be amplified exceptionally well while reducing a good bit of my surroundings.  The only thing that is picked up that the other person on the other end mentioned was wind noise, but that’s most headphones for you.