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The Grooming Products That Will Elevate your Daily Grooming Routine

The Grooming Products That Will Elevate your Daily Grooming Routine

You have got your cool kicks and your dark denim. Now it's time your grooming habit will get an upgrade. Here are five grooming items that you must have.

Elevate your morning routine with Marvis toothpaste

Once former Valentino Chairman, Giancarlo Giammetti called it a magic toothpaste and indeed it is one of those little things that will change you. Marvis toothpaste brings a zesty and unparalleled vibe to your everyday brushing routine.

This toothpaste will help you to remove plaque and build upon your teeth while keeping your breath super fresh. Each toothpaste packs a flavorsome punch with dominant tastes and experiences to explore. They are uniquely formulated to offer everything a conventional toothpaste does but with an added touch of temperament.

You’ll discover a refreshing tingle when you brush and radiate a smile that will undoubtedly turn heads. Our pick is the Marvis classic strong mint toothpaste. Explicitly designed to freshen breath and whiten teeth, this cooling, strong mint-flavored formula is just what you need for a mega-watt smile.

Marvis Classic Strong Mint Toothpaste

Improve the health of your skin cells

Grown Alchemist Intensive Body Exfoliant Inca-Inchi Pumice and Activated Charcoal

Grown Alchemist's intensive body exfoliant is formulated with efficacious active ingredients to purify, hydrate, and noticeably, breakdown cellulitic deposits. Simply, initiate inside–out the rotation on skin cells. It will smooth your skin texture, leaving the skin looking brighter, and more evenly toned.

The body exfoliant removes dead-skin cells letting new cells to move to the surface. This enhanced cell turnover maximizes the skin's capacity to absorb moisturizers, prevent clogged pores, stimulate collagen production improving skin-texture while reducing the appearance of skin discoloration. Furthermore, it will detoxify the skin by drawing out bacteria, environmental toxins, dirt, and other micro-particles while it will provide maximum below the surface hydration.

The best eye cream for a cold-weather fix

Malin and Goetz revitalizing eye cream

Not too long ago it used to be that even using a moisturizer once a week meant laying the essence of your manliness on the line. No longer. These days, everyone’s at it.

The Revitalizing Eye Cream is the most technologically advanced eye treatment by Malin + Goetz. Creamy and nutritious, this intensive eye cream absorbs residue-free. Luxuriously concentrated, the Revitalizing Eye Cream synthesizes absorbent fatty acids to directly target lines, puffiness, wrinkles, and dark circles. Hydrating peptides and trusted marine algae preserve and level to help lighten and cure. Make little changes, see great results.

Malin and Goetz Revitalizing Eye Cream

The best face wash for any and every skin-type

Dr. Jacksons 07 Face Wash

The Dr. Jackson's 07 Face Wash 200ml is both clarifying and moisturizing formula, using naturally exfoliating pomegranate instead of human-made plastics. With a gently foaming texture, the 07 Face Wash leaves skin purified, refined and hydrated while being gentle enough to take care of sensitive skin. The uplifting citrus scent stimulates the senses in the morning and cleans your mind of the day’s worries at night.

Dr Jacksons 07 Face Wash

Update Your Fragrance Wardrobe

Laboratory Perfumes Samphire Eau De Toilette

Crushed a sprig of that verbena with a pinch of juniper berries from the spice rack – and Samphire began to take shape. Blended in citrus oil, flourishes of lavender, basil, and rosemary, and base notes of white amber and oakmoss to formulate a bright, fresh, aromatic scent with a lightness of touch that belies its complexity and longevity on the skin. The finished scent was so distinctly evocative of the seashore they could only call it Samphire.

Laboratory Perfumes Samphire Eau De Toilette

Get The Right Products

L: A Bruket 184 Body Wash Geranium

Highly moisturizing liquid soap. The essential oils of geranium, lavender, and black pepper stimulate and purify, warm and comfortable as well as act antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. The essential oil of geranium works astringent and cleansing. Lavender oil is soothing, softening and stimulates cell renewal. Black pepper seed oil gives a stimulating and warming effect.

LA Bruket 184 Hand and Body Wash Geranium 450ml

Beat The Odor

Baxter of California Deodorant

Natural deodorants are most certainly trending and not without good reason. While ingredients such as aluminum and alcohol have historically been vital components for odor elimination, researches have shown there are better ways to achieve odor-free results without the potential adverse effects. Some of them include allergic reaction to aluminum leading to irritation of the underarm or perspiration block and hence preventing the expulsion of toxins or cumulative irritation and inflammation for those with sensitive skin.

Baxter of California's Deodorant is Aluminium-Free and Alcohol-Free making it the best deodorant for men with delicate and sensitive skin.

It has ingredients such as citrus which efficiently mask body odor, as well as the increasingly popular Acai Berry to neutralize potentially harmful free radicals. Witch Hazel is added for its natural skin healing properties, while Chamomile moisturizes the underarm to relieve irritation.

Baxter of California Deodorant

Your hair Under Control

Patricks M3

Patricks M3 is water resistant to 300m(!!!), and the strong-hold will keep even the most adhesive hair types in place. Scientifically masterminded to resist water and sweat during exercise and water sports, so you can head to the gym or for surf, and your hair will stay in shape. Furthermore, it contains Saw Palmetto, a fruit extract that blocks the production of DHT, the enzyme that causes hair loss. A real multitasker.

Patricks M3 Matte Finish | Strong Hold Pomade

The Grooming Products That Will Elavate your Daily Routine