Let It Snow | A Guide To Cope With Cold In Style

Let It Snow | A Guide To Cope With Cold In Style

Some of us love it, some don't, but winter is undoubtedly here once more. Now it is the time for darker, rainy mornings, rubbing cold hands, steamy hot aromatic teas, and breath games with the icy, fresh air on your car's window.

An interesting fact is that winter is the most productive time of the year when you plant the seeds for great ideas to flourish, and planning plays a vital role in our daily routine.

This winter, we make it easier for you to stay focused on your goals. Find below a bunch of striking, high-end suggestions on clothing and designer accessories to keep you warm, stylish, and confident, ready to accomplish the things that matter to you, making it a winter to remember.

Here is a sneak peek on a typical day's drive.


The Project Garment Sweatshirt

Getting up on a winter morning is rarely easy. Low temperature appears to be your worst enemy, and leaving your duvet seems like a hard separation at the time. This is the reason why you will need a cozy, soft sweater by your side, and The Project Garments sweatshirt is going to cover you for the rest of the day. Thanks to the loopback organic cotton sweat, it offers you the softest feeling. It comes in a proper regular fit, and you can choose between black, navy blue, khaki, and deep burgundy color. You will probably want to wear it all day long, but, unless it's a weekend, we have some business to do!

Malin and Goetz

Walking to the bathroom, you need to have the essential winter grooming. Researches confirm that during winter, we need deeper cleaning and enhanced hydration to cope with the dryness, particularly on sensitive skin. We recommend a combination of Malin + Goetz Grapefruit Face Cleanser and Malin + Goetz Advanced Renewal Cream highly as it's a complete moisturizing solution all winter long. First, the cleansing formula gently purifies and hydrates to ph-balance all skin types, and then comes the technologically advanced hydration treatment in a rich, nourishing cream. We assure you this is all you are going to need. After all, Malin + Goetz is all about simplicity and substance.


Preparing for work, you are free to be creative with layering up, between neutral shirts, radiant rompers, formal jackets, and coats. The item that you certainly shouldn't miss this winter is the epitome of casual smart combined alongside classic, in other words, a wool cardigan.

Shawl Collar Wool Blend Belted Cardigan

The Button-Front Shawl Collar Wool Blend Cardigan is handcrafted in Italy from substantial wool to the most exceptional detail, to wrap you up all day long, upgrading your style in or outside the office. Its refined buttons and the two front pockets make it an ideal match with simple tailored trousers. Alternatively, for the ones with a lenient office dress code, a belted knitwear is an option that couldn't possibly let you down. Invest on a plush, insulating handle of a high-quality wool blend cardigan that inspires you for a comfortable layering in a classic must-have burgundy color. Shawl Collar Wool Blend Belted Cardigan is one of them.


The right shoe choice is of great importance. You need approved quality, resistance, longevity, and contemporary style paired with an irresistible classy aesthetic. Less than a few brands worldwide respond to these acquirements simultaneously, and Grenson is rightfully one of them. With Grenson Sharp Brown Leather Brogue Boot, a fully leather lined English brogue boot made from the finest materials, you achieve an incomparable look upgrade that your business and social environment won't help but notice.

Don't forget to spoil yourself with luxury, finely knitted, a mid-calf length and medium thickness socks in both classic and vibrant colors, to keep you warm and stylish just like London Sock Co Gift Pack The Grosvenor Fine Stripe Collection.


Zip Up Hoodie Navy Blue

Whether it is a mainstream gym course, a demanding TRX program, or pressure-relieving jogging in the park, a cozy, warm hoodie will be your best friend during the chilly months. Easy -to –match with everything in your wardrobe, is considered to be a multi-solution item. In case you want it to last for a lifetime, you shall go for the Organic Cotton Zip Up Hoodie Navy Blue. Given the exceptional quality fabric and the clean-cut, your only trouble will be picking colors.

Chimi Ski Goggles

For the adventurous type, the one who breathes better after climbing a mountain and is searching on his schedule for the earliest free weekend possible to experience outdoor activities such as skiing and snowboard, here is some excellent news for you! What if we told you that at the top of the ski eyewear lies a snow goggle of a unique design, dual-layer, anti-UV lens with anti-fogging technology and extremely flexible strap, that is plus compatible with the majority of helmets? Discover Chimi Ski Goggles, and thank us later!


The Project Garments Sweatpants

It's a hard day's night! It is that time of the day when you want to get rid of layers of cloths and thoughts, too late to keep working but early enough to take a nice rejuvenating shower and enjoy a glass of malt whiskey or wine while watching the movie you were planning to watch for days now. Wearing a nice pair of sweatpants will prove to be the best fellow partner in whatever you have in mind. You need it to be relaxed fit to comfort you while you are lounging on the couch, soft and adjustable on the waist. You also want it to be cool and smart, to stand alone even outside the house. What you need is The Project Garments Regular Fit Cotton Sweatpants.


When it comes to alcohol, it's a whole world of taste and delight that with the right tools, you can elevate it into science and go professional. Before anything else, you are going to need a great wine. Between a full-bodied, herb-aromatized Cabernet sauvignon and a fruity, spicy, less tannic Merlot, choose the one that better balances with your temper. What you will need is called Coravin Model Six Core Piano Black, and it is the way to maximize your tasting experience without removing the cork from the bottle, which is the reason for oxidization and thus distortion of the wine flavor.

Last but not least. Think wise. Order your Coravin Large Pack Capsules before you run out.

It is more than sure that you are going to have a good night! Sleep tight, and have a wonderful week and don't countdown for spring anymore.