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It is a high possibility that you came across them while on the streets, becoming familiar with their distinctive “V” signature. Otherwise, you probably met them in stores or on your regular scroll down on Instagram. Perhaps you are already a follower since the brand counts up to 732,000 followers at the time being. Even if none of the assumptions above is valid, you have seen Emmanuel Macron or the Duchess of Sussex choosing the French label on social, less formal appearances or the much talented Eddie Redmayne waving happy wearing them. The point is, either way, you definitely know Veja.

It wasn’t until the last months of 2016 that the “V” shoes gained such widespread popularity. According to the global fashion search platform Lyst, the searches for the conscious footwear label has increased 113 percent year over year, while in 2018 topped the “Insta Brand We Want to Wear” category. Thus, it is no exaggeration to say that Veja is the sneaker that everyone wore in 2019. Let’s find out why these seemingly simple lace-ups rapidly became a staple for both men and women wardrobe.

Veja V-10 Leather Extra White Pierre

‘I think fashion is often comparable to cooking. If you choose each ingredient with care, and you are patient, and you make things carefully, it’s going to be a good meal. It’s the same with developing a brand. This is one of the Sébastien Kopp, the co-founder of Veja, rules of style. And this is easily noticed on the French trainer label that approves to be quite different from the pile.

Francois Ghislain Morillion and Parisians Sebastien Kopp visioned the idea for Veja sneakers while working on an NGO in Brazil. Until now, their shoes are produced there. Recycled plastic bottles, upcycled tilapia skins, and fair-trade cotton are the main materials included in the production. Even the rubber soles are crafted from sustainably harvested liquid latex.

Created in 2005, Veja breaks the mold when it comes to stylish and comfortable from one hand and conscious footwear on the other. Ensuring all that they do has a positive impact, Veja ensures that the production of their sneakers from start to finish is ethical, sustainable, and eco-friendly.

Read on to find out more about this innovative brand and our top styles to invest in.

Getting to know Veja shoes

Veja V-12 B-Mesh White Berry Gold Yellow

Known for ‘reinventing the sneaker’ Veja state that they have one foot in design and the other in responsibility. As a 21st century brand, Veja decided to focus on sneakers as they represent our generation. The final result is a vast collection of diverse and stylish footwear, with the signature Veja style, all made responsibly and providing a positive impact.

The brand took it upon themselves to start from scratch, taking things right back and doing things differently. Sneakers are well known to be made unethically, and so Veja had to find another way to create high quality and on-trend styles. The brand ‘makes what they want the world to become’ - honest, ethical, and durable.

Veja takes time over each and every design, with the end goal being that each pair would still be wearable in ten years' time – while the sneakers are on-trend, they are also timeless and simple.

Each material used in production is ethically sourced, with fair trade being at the heart of all that Veja does. The brand works directly with the producers to have a positive impact. Veja also makes vegan sneakers too, with 1 in 4 styles being vegan-friendly.

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With so many unique and iconic styles, it can be tricky to choose just one pair from Veja.

Veja V-10 White Matcha

Veja V-10 White Matcha

These stylish and simple white and black sneakers are ideal for those that favor a timeless look. The upper is made from leather, while the sole and the logo V are made from wild rubber from the Amazonian forest.

As a celebration for their 10th anniversary, Veja has launched the Veja V-10. As always with this brand, it is made entirely from sustainable and ethically sourced materials, making this a footwear essential.

Comfortable and on-trend, these trainers come up a little large, so if you are between two sizes, we recommend going for a size down.

Veja V-12 Leather White Steel

Veja V-12 Leather White Steel

 This timeless style was launched in 2011 and has been one of Veja’s best sellers ever since. The style was named after the Brazilian NGO which brings technical support to the organic cotton farming families Veja works within North Brazil since 2004.

Veja V-12 Leather White Steel is featuring a round toe, a lace fastening, a brand embossed tongue, a flat rubber sole. Light blue V on the sides and accents on the back means they'll go with just about anything, making it essential. Loyal to the company’s beliefs, the Veja V-12 model is made out of eco-friendly and sustainable materials.

Veja V-10 Leather Extra White Pierre

Veja V-10 Leather Extra White PierreThe V-10 debuted in 2016 to celebrate Veja's 10th anniversary and at the time being, in one of the brand's best-sellers. They are designed in a low top line with a coordinating beige midsole and the label's hallmark V logo on the sides.

Veja V-10 Leather Extra White Pierre in the timeless white color will be among your essentials. The upper part is made from leather, with the inner sole in organic being made out of organic cotton and polyurethane. The lining is made from organic cotton as well, and the sole is made from wild rubber, sourced from the Amazonian forest.

This simple style can be worn daily and are perfect for an off-duty look, as well as smarter occasions due to their always suitable, white color.

Veja V-12 B-Mesh Graphite

Veja V-12 B-Mesh Graphite

With the highest percentage made from totally recycled and sustainable materials, as all Veja, Veja V-12 B-Mesh Graphite is the dream sneaker for the supporters of a more conscious and ecological way of living. The upper is made from recycled plastic bottles and the inner sole are from recycled cotton and recycled polyester. Panels and logo are made out of leather and wild rubber correspondingly when the inner sole is made of recycled cotton.

The astonishing deep burgundy color will make you think it was completely worth it, especially when you realize it teams perfectly with most of your wardrobe.

Made in Brazil, all of the Veja sneakers are of premium quality, meaning they have been made to last. We think what Veja is doing is impressive, and we know you will too.


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