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How to clean and take care of your suede sneakers

How to clean and take care of your suede sneakers | The Project Garments

A lot has changed since Elvis once said, "You can do anything, but lay off of my blue suede shoes.”

Suede sneakers, however, are still exposed to scuffs, scratches, and stains, and they're tough enough to clean. Perform the following to get them looking good as new.

Get a Jason Markk Premium Shoes Cleaning Brush. It is made from soft hog's hair for the most delicate materials like suede, mesh and premium leather because some materials need some extra care.

Jason Markk Premium Shoes Cleaning Brush

Double-check your shoes are dry. The best way to clean suede as it has a soft grain is using a special brush. Suede is also highly sensitive to water, so use instead Jason Markk Ready to Use Foam which is excellent for your suede sneakers. Brush smoothly with your brush to remove dirt. Use the brush to lightly brush away dust or dirt that has accumulated on your shoes. Don't go backward and forward. Repeatedly brush towards a unique direction. Once you get off this layer of dirt, your sneakers will already look newer.

Jason Markk Ready to Use Foam

Brush firmly with the brush to remove scuff marks. When you scuff your sneakers, the suede's grain can get pressed towards one direction. Lift the grain by brushing scuffed areas firmly back and forth. Again this is best done with our brush. Get our Jason Markk Suede Kit.

Jason Markk Suede Kit

Bear in mind that to do the job right, you have got to have the proper tools. Use the eraser that you will find in the suede kit to dry clean suede and to clean dirty midsoles. Once you have finished cleaning the suede, use the suede hand brush that you will find in the suede kit to revive the buttery nap on your favorite pair of suede kicks.

Protect your suede. Once your sneakers are spotless, spray a coat of suede protector on your shoes. This will prevent further spots and marks.

How To Clean Your Suede Sneakers | The Complete Guide