A Detailed Guide To Choose The Right Frames Without Trying Them On

A Detailed Guide To Choose The Right Frames Without Trying Them On

A detailed guide to choose the right frames without trying them on.

There is a specific kind of charm in a pair of sunglasses due to a delicate balance between the idea of hiding and showing up. A piece of glass keeps your eyes unseen from the world. It's the safety and distance you sometimes need, the protection from the exposure, both from the UV radiation and the curious, indiscreet looks of the environment. On the other hand, a pair of sunglasses can make a great first impression, and turn an outfit around, glorify and offer a star-quality to an otherwise indifferent look. Their history, their place in the fashion world, and their use over the time by so many VIP indicates that it is a piece meant to be noticed, a fashion statement, and a magic transformation tool.

"Some movie stars wear their sunglasses even in the church. They're afraid God might recognize them and ask for autographs." Fred Allen

Finding the best glasses for your face-shape can be complicated, given all the options trending. Every day, it is as if a new pair of it-frames appear. Oversized and eclectic, or minimal and sleek. With a vast array of alternatives, how do you choose the glasses that best suit your style but also fit great on your face shape? It is justified that you might feel confused and lost.

As glorious the right pair of sunglasses can be, twice as weird and fail it is when bad-fitted or style-irrelevant with the rest. Even a priceless frame would instantly be ruined with a bad fit. Like one of our finely tailored t-shirt, the perfect fit leaves a lasting impression. It is crucial that you find yours, that will match and harmoniously enhance your facial features and serve your style and personality qualities like a natural extension of you. You don't deserve any less, and at The Project Garments, through this guide, mean to demystify the science of the perfect match, both fitwise and stylewise, to ensure you find out which glasses suit you the best.

Some things are just objective matters. Frame fitting, at least on the hard lines, it is only third's grade's maths, plain geometry. As simple as that. That's why, after reading this article, you won't need to try even one pair to know if it fits. You will already know. Are you thrilled enough to get started? Say yes, and follow the steps.

"Sunglasses are like eye shadow: They make everything look younger and pretty." Karl Lagerfeld

What face shape are you?

First of all, you shall get to know your face. Get a mirror and take a good look at yourself. After you smile at the guy with complicity, inspect the length of your face and compare it to your face's width. Your palm can be an unexpectedly useful measure to do so.

There are four general categories of face-shapes, in which you might belong.

  • Round
  • Square
  • Oval
  • Heart

General Categories of Face-Shapes

If your face is approximately as large as it is long, you presumably have a square or round face shape. If your face is much longer, you probably have a heart-shaped or oval face shape. Look at your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline compared to each other. If your forehead and jawline are about the same width, you have a square face shape; meanwhile, if your cheekbones are the widest part of your face, you have a round face shape. If you have a long face that tapers smoothly, you have an oval face shape. If your chin ends in a point, you have a heart-shaped face. Apart from the primary four categories that cover the majority of faces in the hard lines, there are also some other in-between worth referring to.

Subcategory of Face-Shapes


This one is relatively close to the square, as the jawline and the forehead have almost the same width, with the difference that this face shape is much longer than wide.


This shape is related to the heart-shaped, because of the point-ending chin and the well-defined, wide cheekbones, but the forehead is pretty narrowed as well, forming the shape of a diamond.


When the chin is slightly curved, the forehead is narrowed with the cheekbones not wider than the bottom of the face, shaping a triangular form.

Get advised by the following charts that will solve any possible gaps.

Face Shape Compared To Jawline

Slightly Curved

Face Shape Compared To Cheekbones

Face's widest part
As wide as forehead
Well defined
Slightly defined

Face Shape Compared To Forehead

As Wide As Length
Longer Than Wide
As Wide As Chin
Wider Than Chin

If you are still in a dilemma and unsure about your shape, here are some real-life examples of famous gentlemen to make the comparisons. We advise you not to jump into premature conclusions just because you may have been told you look like the listed men below. Don’t forget it is the shape of the face, the subject of inquiry, and not the facial features or tone of the skin that may look familiar.

Face Shape Mister
Round Tom Cruise, Kanye West
Square Jake Gyllenhaal, David Beckham
Oval Jude Law, Ryan Gosling
Heart Justin Timberlake, Johnny Depp
Oblong Russell Brand, George Clooney
Diamond Kiefer Sutherland
Triangular Matt Damon

Now that you have identified your face shape, it is time to find the frame that suits you the best. One way to narrow down your alternatives is by looking at your frame fit. Find below some tips on how to find frames to fit all of your facial features best, but keep in mind that ultimately you're just feeling out what's comfortable.

" I am so shy now, I wear sunglasses everywhere I go.” Al Pacino

Get to Know the basic eyewear features.

When it comes to frames, allow us to inform you that whatever your face shape is or however bizarre or rare you think it may be, there is a pair of glasses out there just for you. This is not just a romantic-driven assumption, but the truth supported by the fact that almost all frames can be adjusted to fit like a glove.

Eyewear Features

Frame Temples

Frames fit on your face at two points: ears and bridge. For the ears, it is worth remarking that temple lengths are relatively universal and can be adjusted and tailored to your individual needs. Standard frame temple lengths run from 143mm to150mm. Temples are flexible and can be adjusted by opticians to rest comfortably on your ears, and help keep your frames from sliding. A temple curve can be heated and regulated by an optician to guarantee a comfortable and safe fit.

Nose Bridges

As far as the nose bridges are concerned, frames typically have bridges between 19mm to 23mm. Pay attention to how different bridges sit on your nose. For instance, saddle bridges fit a variety of nose bridges, but adjustable nose pads allow for an even more customizable fit, especially if you have a low nose bridge. Too far back, and they will slip down the nose. Too early, and you will feel discomfort at the top of your ear. Acetate frames have saddle bridges that are part of the frame shape. While this bridge style is immobile, some consider it more comfortable. Metal frames have adjustable nose pads that are almost infinitely customizable to suit any bridge shape.

Frame Width

The corners of the frame should fall just outside the cheekbones; it keeps things looking proportional and ensures the temples will not squeeze the sides of the head, which exaggerates a small fit. The average lens width is from 46mm to 49mm. A small, tailored frame fit will be 45mm and under, and an oversized or larger frame fit is usually 50+ mm.

A crucial part of finding out the frame that fits you the best is where your eyes sit in the frame. Your eye should sit in the middle of the lens both horizontally and vertically when testing out different frame sizes. Avoid having your eye sit too high in the lens or too close to the bridge. If your eye sits high, the frame looks droopy and wrong. In case your eyes sit outside of the center, the frame seems small, even when it fits the overall face. If you have a hard prescription, round and tailored is a good rule of thumb.

"Putting on a new pair of glasses or sunglasses is a simple way to completely transform your look - just like a new hairstyle." Brad Goreski

Achieve the perfect fit without a trial


Eventually, after you have identified your face shape, balance, is your holy grail. Let’s be a little more specific. Look for eyeglass frames that contrast with your facial features. Namely, round frames fit great on square-shaped faces, and top-heavy structures fit great on heart-shaped faces with angular jawlines, and so forth. The rule is you want to go the opposite way to distract those features. This rule will bring the coveted harmony and elegance aesthetics-wise. Oval face shapes seem to be lucky while they are regarded compatible with wearing square, round, rectangular, oversized in general.

Face Shape Suitable Eyeglasses Shape
Round Square, Aviator, Wayfarers
Square Oval, Round, Slightly curved
Oval Everything
Heart Round, Bottom-heavy structures, Oval
Oblong Oversized, Aviators, Teardrop silhouette
Diamond Rectangular, Bold framed
Triangular Square, Top-heavy frames, Aviator

As we already mentioned, your frames should fit on the outside of your cheekbones, not wider than your face so that it feels loose, but not so narrow that it feels tight. Most sunglasses for sale on the internet have all their measurements referred to on the “Detail” or “Fit and Size” section. In particular, we at The Project Garments, trying to make it as easy as possible, we have integrated the measurements on the details tab on every pair of sunglasses, referring on the three most important numbers.

  • Lens diameter/width.
  • Bridge width.
  • Temple arm length.

For more information visit our frames fit and size guide.

So if you are already sure that the shape is compatible and you are one step before buying, check the width of the temple by measuring your face and add a couple of milimeters for the desirable pair.


We shouldn’t deviate from the golden rule when it comes to color. Keep in mind the contrasts and the opposites. Black is the strongest color for sure. Notice the full range of the blacks as well as the differences between matte and glossy acetate. A light tortoise would do a great match with darker skin and a dark brown tortoise with a lighter one.

Crystals are going to be a little hard or look awkward on a fair face. But a pure, clear crystal would look the best on a fair-skinned person.

Thick or Thin

Avoiding to repeat ourselves, it’s all about balance one more time. A general rule is that if you choose a thick frame, do not do such a bold color, and the opposite.

"I think sometimes when you want attention you can wear sunglasses and people are like "Who is that?.” Katerina Graham

Style Matters

We welcome you to the best part of all. Style. It is an entertaining procedure full of play and experimenting, but it may turn out to be shady if you don’t know what to look for.

We all feel the need to smash the status quo once in a while and this is more than welcome. There are some loose guidelines, however, that we shouldn’t deviate from, especially when there is a vast range of similar versions and iterations out there of both tried-and-tested classics to retro-futurist attention-drawing, designs, that are found suspicious of disorientating us.

However impressive an eccentric, cutting-edge pair of shades might be, you still can’t fight the classics. Plus, it is possible that it is not going to be sustainable for most of us, in contrast with something that feels contemporary without straying too far from guaranteed, well-loved, classic shapes.

Here at The Project Garments, we strongly recommend investing in a pair of sunglasses that will stand the test of time and this is why we have selected Garrett Leight California’s three different types of shades, recognizing that it stands out between the numerous eyewear brands not only because of the exquisite design given and the top-end craftsmanship but as far as timelessness is concerned.

"A man can never have too many pairs of sunglasses or too many guitars.” Richie Sambora

Garrett Leight California Opticals philosophy

When you first take a look at GLCO glasses, you instantly realize that all of their eyewear styles are inspired by emblematic movies, influential music and art. This nostalgic spirit is miraculously blended with high-quality lenses, designed and produced especially for GLCO.

This striking combination results in eyewear, which is easy-going, with brilliantly sophisticated lines, bringing the stories of California, where GLCO was founded in 2011. Every GLCO eyewear model is named after an avenue in the LA neighborhood.

Garrett Leight Sanborn Oval-framed Sunglasses


Hey, round-shaped faces. Along with triangular, not to mention oval-shaped, this is your ideal spectacle. A guaranteed classic shape in balanced proportions in cured cellulose acetate frame with core wide made from stainless steel material. We would recommend it for smaller or medium faces as it features a tailored fit.

Garrett Leight | Sanborn Oval-framed Sunglasses


  • Lens Diameter | Width: 47mm.
  • Bridge width: 21mm.
  • Temple arm length: 145mm.


The fact that Brooks still remains one of GLCO's most iconic and bestselling frames is more than convincing that this is an eyewear for life. Notice the uniquely designed, keyhole-shaped bridge. The numerous acetate colors in which the Brooks model is available allows a wide range of different style combinations on a timeless base. You should go for Garrett Leight Brooks Square Black Acetate, if you prefer the safety of the all-time-classic looks. Either way or another, a refined, black is an essential integration for any style. For a more playful, summerish mood, as well as tanned-tone faces choose Garrett Leight Brooks Square Tortoise, while if you want to attain a more strict, formal appearance, pick Garrett Leight Brooks Matt Black Sunglasses.

Garrett Leight Camel-Gold Oval Sunglasses

Garrett Leight Brooks Square-framed Sunglasses


Whilst, oval-shaped faces with the blessed symmetry, are given the ability to wear every shape of glasses, oval-shaped glasses don’t fit in every face-shape. Oblong and heart-faced people, this paragraph is devoted to you. These sunglasses are generally suitable for medium or relatively large faces, as they are a bit wider than Brooks. They carry clamp-on nose pads with adjustable metal arms for a more tailored fit.

Garrett Leight Brooks Sunglasses


  • Lens Diameter | Width: 49mm.
  • Bridge width: 23mm.
  • Temple arm length: 145mm.


The Sanborn shades are pure stainless steel frames with acetate Windsor rims, and they unanimously are a statement piece. They are vintage-inspired featuring an astonishing, sculpted double bridge. Let the absolute classic upgrade every outfit you have in mind with Garrett Leight Sanborn Oval Black or give in to a colorful revival from the past, seen through the semi-flat, hazel gradient lenses by choosing Garrett Leight Sanborn Oval Camel-Gold which would complete great a total white look consisting of a loose linen shirt and a pair of brown-shaded loafers.

Garrett Leight Square Tortoise Sunglasses

Garrett Leight Wilson Round-framed Sunglasses


The absolute round frame in the impeccable GLCO quality. If you belong to the square-shaped or the diamond-faced ones, you couldn't possibly say no to this piece. Thanks to their great craftsmanship and the tailored fit, they can complement even heart or oblong-shaped faces as they will accentuate the vigorous line of the cheek and jawbones. Furthermore, they are available in two sizes to satisfy both smaller and larger forms.

Garrett Leight Wilson Sunglasses


  • Lens Diameter | Width: 46mm-49mm.
  • Bridge width: 22mm.
  • Temple arm length: 145mm.


This piece of eyewear carries a cult symbol status, and no wonder why. Round framed was the first designed during the 20s, when appearance started to play a role, besides function. Refined, minimal silhouette, as discreet as it can be, positively charged and inevitably connected with John Lennon, which offers additive value to an iconic fashion item. The fact that they are highly and wholly appreciated results in them covering a great range of styles. They are made from a stainless steel frame with acetate Windsor rims and temples. Invest in lifetime eyewear in matt-black frame color and the ultimate grey on the lenses with Garrett Leight Wilson Round Matte Black, or make heads turn with Garrett Leight Wilson Round Tortoise, is a fascinating, progressive combination of pure green-colored lenses and tortoise-amber frame.

Garrett Leight Round Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

Now you have all the knowledge acquired to find the one, according to the guidelines. At the end of the day, the only person entitled to tell you what you should and should not wear is yourself. So if a pair of eyeglasses feels excellent and fills you with confidence, please ignore tips and advice and break the rules (just them, hopefully not your shades). After all, only beyond rules is where real style begins.

"With my sunglasses on, I'm Jack Nicholson. Without them, I'm fat and 60." Jack Nicholson