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Get ready to sparkle with Marvis Toothpaste

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If you’re looking for an exciting teeth cleaning experience, Marvis Toothpaste offers a unique and stylish range of vibrant and mouthwatering toothpastes.

Marvis 75ml Flavours and Toothpaste | The Project Garments

This Italian brand’s distinctive character shines through, not only from its effective toothpaste but also from its nostalgic packaging.

Designed in an apothecary style tube with traditional lettering, the casing offers a stylish addition to your bathroom.

 Marvis In Bathroom | The Project Garments

Sensational smile

Marvis toothpastes bring a zesty and unique vibe to your daily brushing routine. This respected brand helps remove plaque and build up on your teeth whilst keeping your breath super fresh. Each toothpaste packs a flavoursome punch with exciting tastes and experiences to explore. They are specially formulated to offer everything conventional toothpastes do but with an added touch of personality. You’ll discover a refreshing tingle when you brush and radiate a smile that will certainly turn heads.

Unique flavours

The unique and contemporary flavours of Marvis toothpastes create a taste sensation whilst contributing to healthy teeth and gums, plus a dazzling smile.

Amongst the favourites of this refreshing brand include:

Marvis toothpastes have also developed a unique selection of limited editions flavours including Royal, Karakum and Rambas to give you a taste of the wonders of the world.

 Marvin Limited Edition Flavours | Wonders Of The World | The Project Garments

Marvis also offers traditional style toothbrushes for everyday and travel use.

Marvis All Travel Edition | The Project Garments


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