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Care for your skin with Le Baigneur

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Men’s skin can become dry, chapped and rough especially during the winter months. To protect your body’s natural defenses from the cooler temperatures and avoid it drying out, caring for your skin with the latest products from Le Baigneur helps to soothe and nourish all year round. It’s not just your face and body that need care and attention this winter. For bearded men, personal grooming is also a top priority.

Le Baigneur Skincare Products | The Project Garments

Organic and natural men’s skincare:

Le Baigneur Skincare and Grooming | The Project Garments

Le Baigneur’s distinctive range of products offers your skin a delicate and organic treat, with ingredients sourced from local producers around the Seine-Saint-Denis region. Committed to producing natural skincare products and packaging that is 100% recyclable, this French brand provides a specialist range of products for the face and body, each designed with quality and care.

Unique products:

All Le Baigneur Products | The Project Garments

Discover a hydrating and gentle way to nourish both skin and beard with these top products from Le Baigneur:

  • Soaps

    Le Baigneur Soaps | The Project Garments

    Using traditional soap on your skin can sometimes lead to a tight and dry feel after use. Le Baigneur specialist soaps are designed, not only to cleanse the skin but moisturize too, leaving you feeling invigorated. Made using traditional methods, these soaps are blended with essentials oils for gentle cleansing and offer a refreshing fragrance. The choice in multipacks of Le Baigneur soaps provides a full skincare treatment from exfoliating to toning and a selection of products enriched with notes of floral, woody and citrus scents.

  • Skin and beard care

    Le Baigneur Porcelain Bowl, Shaving Soap N°1 and Shaving Brush Pack | The Project Garments

    Whether you’re clean-shaven or proud of a full beard, Le Baigneur have created products for both grooming styles. If you’re looking for a unique shaving experience at home, opt for the traditional shaving bowl, soap and brush pack to get a clean shave and care for your skin at the same time.

    For men who are looking to tame their beard, Le Baigneur have created deeply moisturizing beard and skin oils that are rich in anti-oxidants and essentials oils for a nourishing treat. You’ll also find specialist brushes and multipack ranges to add to your grooming collection.


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