The cream that worths it | Augustinus Bader

The cream that worths it | Augustinus Bader The Cream

When discussing on Augustinus Bader, the first question that comes in mind is how a newly-launched brand has gained fans from all over the world that fall head over heels for it, almost overnight. The fancy, heavy, bold blue bottles, Bader's rightfully said amazing, luxury packaging, started to emerge and overwhelm Instagram cosmetics and health regime accounts as well as the most authorized beauty blogs in a glimpse of the eye. Victoria Beckham, except for standing for the brand, she even launched her own Augustinus Bader line. Celebrities such as Diane Kruger, Ashley Graham, Kate Bosworth, Chen and Jennifer Fisher, Vogue beauty editor Susannah Taylor, respected makeup artist Pati Dubroff, athletes Leon Fagbemi and Ben Pritchard are just a few of the devotees. Ground-breaking, game-changing, transforming, miraculous are the usual descriptions of people just before swearing by it. What is more, Glamour gave it the highly competitive Beauty Award for Best Moisturizer.

Is it worth the hype? And if yes, why?

That said, real science seems to be the answer.

The man behind the wonder

The man behind the wonder

University Prof. Dr. med. Augustinus Bader

A world-leading expert in stem cell research and Applied Stem Cell Biology at the University of Leipzig, Professor Augustinus Bader had never been related to beauty.

Born in Augsburg, his steps quickly led him to medical studies at the Università Abruzzese Degli Studi, Italy, Julius Maximilians Universität, and the Institute of Physiology in Würzburg. Professor Bader started working at the Ruijin Hospital in Shanghai, focusing on healing severe burn injuries. Later on, he moved to America. He began at the Wright State University in Ohio, working on general and internal medicine. Then he continued at the Harvard Medical School of Boston in the field of heart surgery, before finding himself at the Institute of Neurology at the University of Bern in Switzerland. After studying and working on all these varied medical sectors, Professor Bader decided to focus on regenerative medicine and the applied scientific research of stem cells. His goal was to develop new stem-cell formulas, serving as treatments that confront the life-long effects of disfiguring burns. Holding a head post in the Tissue Engineering Group and driven by his mission, he spent the last decades activating the body's innate processes to self-heal and regeneration. Having developed more than 200 patented key technologies, he is now the Director and Professor of Applied Stem Cell Biology and Cell Technology at the University of Leipzig in Germany. Staying faithful in his dream, his medical innovations, and healing therapies to reach as many people worldwide as possible, from 2017, he is also the Co-founder of Augustinus Bader® Group of Companies. A former financier and now beauty entrepreneur, Charles Rosier is the CEO and brand's co-founder.

Augustinus Bader works with a specialized group of medical experts to develop ways to apply his groundbreaking, healing therapies in clinical practice. Along with numerous partnerships, pilot studies have achieved revolutionary results in treating a wide range of cases, proudly introducing ABC Method through its proven extensive healing potential and TFC8®, a unique, patented Trigger Factor Complex.

The Philosophy

What is takes to be a pioneer and considered the foremost scientist in your field? It is historically proven than a stale commitment in research is not enough. Humanitarian instincts, a wide and generous perception of things, cultivated through long-lived experience, and a pure will to help people in need are the key factors to reach worldwide recognition.

Augustinus Bader, supported by his selected team, combines it all and has formed an innovative approach based on the belief that the human body is our most remarkable machine, that has the absolute capacity to heal itself when needed. Every one of us is the result of trillions of cells cooperating in harmony, orchestrated by a genetic code driving every instinct, thought, feeling. The part in which we intervene is to unlock, activate, and support our own body's innate renewal processes to confront the wounds and damages and achieve its optimum condition — no need for believing in myths or miracles. We are a miracle, and we should celebrate the wisdom of our bodies.

A Cutting-edge Stem Cell Innovation


Bader has discovered a groundbreaking technology that cooperates with the body's physiological communication systems, the ones in charge of repairing and regenerating healing for sustainable health and well-being.

So far, stem cell scientists' approach was mostly on isolating stem cells to work with them outside the body or using foreign stem cells from plants or animals. Professor Bader's technology sends the body's stem cells the activation signal, empowering them and creating a new, healed tissue, based on the genetic code. The result is a healthier, renewed skin, the best version of your skin you can get.

The ABC Method

At the ABC Method lies the heart of Augustinus Bader regenerative treatments. As he quotes:

"The ABC Method can be reduced to three components, which replicate an innate mechanism in the body. So the knowledge is basically about navigating the patient's intrinsic means, based on his stem cells, to go into a repair process. Conventional medicine very often tries to help by treating symptoms, but what the patient wants is a healing process."

The three functions of the powerful, whole new approach, that, according to the Professor, must happen simultaneously in the stem for healing to be achieved:

Activate: The activating signal mentioned above from specific tools existing in our body to stem cells, waking them up!

Boost: The supporting procedure to stem cell regeneration capacity, offering a friendly, controlled environment.

Commit: The tissue-specific signals command cells to produce the correct, healthy tissue.

Free-From Skincare

All Augustinus Bader products are free-from, meaning that no ingredients known or suspected to be bad for the skin have been used during their development and production. Namely, clean from parabens, fragrance, mineral oils, sulfates (SLS, SLES), DEA, and harsh chemicals. There is no need for chemicals to provide sustainable and long-term benefits for skin health and well-being.

7.5 Billion Skin Types. One Cream.

This is the stimulating title of the brand's latest campaign. A clear declaration of next-generation skincare products that target each skin individually. As Augustinus Bader calls them, the smart creams respond at a cellular level, independently from gender, race, or age differences, and adjust to the individual's skin needs, using the skin as a natural bioreactor.

"All humans have the same innate repair potential, so our Creams can be used by and are beneficial to a diverse customer base: all ethnicities, environments, and skin types. It's all about empowering your cells to do that perfect regeneration that they are capable of doing. Looking after this amazing living organ, that does so much more than cover the body, is more than just vanity."

The campaign refers to both Augustinus Bader Face Cream and Augustinus Bader Face Cream Rich since they are both endowed with the TFC8® patented technology.

Not just any cream. The Cream

Not Just Any Cream. The Cream

With a minimum of search around the net, you will find numerous confessions waxing poetic about The Cream. Among them, statements of beauty editors saying that Augustinus Bader The Cream has done a better job than micro-needling in smoothing the skin and making the scars less noticeable. Besides, many say that it is the cream they've been looking for when traveling, and the skin has to cope with different weather conditions. After a short period of use, they noticed its rejuvenating properties in the improved appearance, elasticity, fullness, and skin quality. What is more, a noticeable reduction of the signs of aging or damage caused by pollution, leaving the skin restored, plump, and radiant.

Apparently, as amazing as everyone says.


A weightless, fast-absorbing formulation that normal-oily skin types will adore, without excluding the rest types. It has a super lightweight lotion texture, so the emulsion may separate if you don't use it regularly. No worries, this has zero effect on the effectiveness of this miraculous, scientific product.

Ingredients: Patented Technology - TFC8®

It is called TFC8® (Trigger Factor Complex 8) what the Bader formula is based on. It is the result of over 30 years of clinical research. It is formulated with a unique combination of more than 40 different natural ingredients, accelerating cell regeneration and healing. They are wisely sent to repair and smooth fine lines, dark spots, and visible pores, not moisturizing the skin. To be specific, medical, high- grade vitamins, lipids, proteins, amino acids, synthesized molecules naturally found in the skin, in the correct proportion. This technology shows the key nutrients to skin cells, sustaining a supporting environment to fulfill their repairing and renewing mission.

Being able to do so is like owing an essential toolbox of components, ready to reach and fix everything that goes wrong, supporting epigenetic forces regenerating your skin according to your very own needs.

How to use it


Οne-step skincare. Just the cream.

Professor Bader's cream claims to be enough, capable of covering all possible issues a skin may faces, without any other product to contribute to the glory of the unprecedented results!

As a kind of panacea, the precious cream will repair your skin, regardless of the problem. Dryness treats it. Acne clears it up. Wrinkles? It smooths them. Simple as that.

As part of your usual regime

The cream achieves the highest effectiveness when the active ingredient, TFC8®, is the first to interact with the cleansed, dry skin. In case you don't feel ready to disengage from the rest of your daily skincare routine products, and you wish to use other products underneath, you need to be sure that the skin has fully absorbed them before applying The Cream.

In case you want to ensure your protection against the sun, apply your regular sunscreen with SPF protection, only after applying the Bader's moisturizer and only once it is completely absorbed.


To make the best use of TFC8®, Dr. Bader advises to follow the steps below.

  1. Massage The Cream along your jawline.
  2. Sweep from your nose to your ears and across your forehead.
  3. Sweep excess over cheeks and neck.
  4. Gently apply in the morning and evening, once you clean and dry your face.

For Who.

For Who

Even if we already answered the question previously, the answer is for every human being on the planet. The Cream can address all of the following.

  • Soothes fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Repairs signs of damage.
  • Reduces the scars.
  • Transforms dull skin into radiant.
  • Plums tired skin.
  • Fights enlarged pores.
  • Nourishes dry skin.
  • Restores resilience on weak skin.
  • Calms irritations.
  • Refreshes skin, especially in humid climates.

At the Project Garments, we suggest that it is about time to make the luxurious, blue-and-copper tube of wonder yours and gift your skin with a cutting-edge scientific product, created with a single purpose: transform you into the most beautiful version of yourself.


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