Why Organic Cotton ?

Why Organic Cotton | The Project Garments

The majority of the clothes we buy are cotton, from men t-shirts to trousers and other fashionable clothes but do we ever think about the process it has to go through?

The cotton industry takes up about 2.5 of the world’s cultivated land but 16% of pesticides and fertilizers are used during the production process. This can be very harmful to us, the consumer and the farmers who produce it and can make the farmer very ill.

However there are alternatives which have many great benefits; organic cotton is made all over the world from China, Turkey to the USA and research shows that the demand for organic cotton is on the up!

Why should I buy Organic cotton?

Softer than cotton

Organic cotton is produced in various countries around the round world such as Turkey, China, New York, Los Angeles and many more and being organic means that the farmers do not use any chemicals during production. The USA has special requirements for those farmers who want to grow organic cotton and they must follow the rules as set out by the National Organic program. As no chemicals are used it is better for your skin, is softer than standard cotton and cheaper to produce.

Factory conditions are better

It has been highlighted to us through documentaries that in some factories the working conditions are pretty poor but don’t worry you can be rest assured that organic cotton factories employees are treated really well; the Manufactures of Soil Association ensure that the factories adhere to strict regulations.

Quality of land is preserved

In the production of organic cotton growing, farmer‘s use compost and manure, which will lock CO2 into the soil. This helps with the climate change and avoids the greenhouse gas emissions, preserving the land. It also prevents water contamination and pollution.

Therefore next time when you are out shopping for the latest fashion in menswear, think about if you should be buying organic cotton t-shirts; after all, it is better for your skin, improves the farmers' lives and above all no chemicals are involved.

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