LA Bruket | Natural and Organic Skincare

LA Bruket | Natural and Organic Skincare

From extreme temperatures to hormonal imbalances, skin endures a lot every day so opting for a caring and tailored skincare option is a must.

The natural ingredients used in the LA Bruket skincare range provides a nourishing treat for all skin types. Each product is developed using organic, non-toxic ingredients, which harness the benefits of nature and provide an uncompromised skincare solution.

Established in 2008 LA Bruket has been developing and producing natural formulas to protect and nurture skin and hair while understanding that if their products are effective despite the harsh weather conditions of Sweden, they’ll be of quality more than fitted of meeting the demands of any circumstances in any place.

Their visionary formula development work is backed with a well-established knowledge of natural skincare. LA Bruket is uncompromising when it comes to the pureness of their formulas because to protect and revive your skin, you must nurture it only with the natural molecules it can absorb and utilize to perform better.

Innovative and caring skincare

LA Bruket | Organic Products | The Project Garments

LA Bruket’s skincare is not the only talking point of this innovative brand. The unique and distinctive packaging is designed to protect the longevity of its skincare range whilst providing interesting apothecary-style bottles to any skincare collection.

Another of this unique skincare brand’s distinguishing properties is the invigorating scents used in its products. Each scent represents the natural and wholesome aspects of the ingredients used and each contributes to the nourishing, cleansing and relaxing elements of each skincare product.

Body and bath products

LA Bruket Body And Bath Products

Inspired by the calming and refreshing aspects of coastal life, LA Bruket's body and bath range capture the great outdoors' essence. The below constitute our suggestion for a complete therapeutic journey that covers the daily needs of normal skin.

LA Bruket Shampoo Birch

LA Bruket Birch Shampoo

Get to know a calming shampoo that will please you with an extraordinary sense of smoothness. As all LA Bruket products, the LA Bruket birch shampoo is made solely from natural and organic ingredients, and it will benefit normal to dry hair the most. The birch extract is well known for its anti-inflammatory qualities and is widely used as a medicine. Except that, it is graced with vitamin C, supplying collagen and contributes to hair growth, as in a hair fiber level, boosts thickening and strengthening. Lupeol Betulinic Acid prevents hair loss, inflammation, and bacterial growth while improving keratin absorption. Aloe vera juice and oat contribute to revitalizing not only hair but also the scalp. Except for all that, your hair will look bright and shiny. LA Bruket notices a two-week period of adaptation for the hair, in case your previous shampoo was a paraben or silicone one.

LA Bruket Hair Conditioner Lemongrass

LA Bruket Lemongrass Hair Conditioner

Give your hair the care they need to be thriving after a wash with an equivalent shampoo. LA Bruket Lemongrass Hair Conditioner formula will act supplementary to keep hair in an even condition. Each one of its ingredients is promising to hydrate and detangle coarse hair. Lemongrass essential oil in cooperation with the rosemary and sage is to thank for the healthy, glossy look. The wisely added almond oil, vitamin B, wheat protein, and oat extract relieve irritation. Keep in mind that LA Bruket suggests applying an adequate amount of the conditioner on damp hair and gently massage it in both the hair length and the scalp, as the active ingredients help reduce dryness, itchiness, and dandruff. You will fall in love with the fresh combination of wood and citrus fruit smell it emits.

LA Bruket Nourishing Hair Mask Birch

LA Bruket Nourishing Hair Mask Birch

Use this hair mask for a deep nourish that will perform best when applied to normal to dry hair. The compounded natural ingredient formula aims to heal, calm, and strengthen the hair and split ends for a far healthier result. Birch extract's beneficial properties are displayed above, on LA Bruket Shampoo Birch, which you may as well combine. The unexpected, natural broccoli seed oil is packed with vitamin C and vitamin B6 that reinforce hair while making them appear silky smooth. Last but not least, both broccoli and jojoba oil help eliminate hair frizz by balancing moisture. Use a wide-toothed comb to distribute evenly, concentrating on mid-lengths and ends. Leave the hair mask for at least ten minutes or overnight, if necessary.

After taking loving care with the LA Bruket hair products' concentrated goodness, let us do the same for our body skincare regime.

LA Bruket Hand and Body Wash Dark Vanilla

LA Bruket Dark Vanilla Hand and Body Wash

LA Bruket is primarily famous for its liquid soaps and not without reason. All-natural ingredient formula bound in a lightweight texture that completely meets the needs of cleansing, refreshing, and relaxing the skin for a revived neck-to-toe body. The rich lather it creates will send dirt and impurities away, leaving the skin soft and moisturized. The subtle infusion of the essential oil mix of vanilla and patchouli, except their hydrating properties, will hug your skin with an impeccable, spicy-sweet vanilla fragrance. The application will be far from messy with the pump bottle that it is wisely housed.

Can't decide? Explore the range of fragrances available, including Angelica and Lavender, Wild Rose, Spruce, Bergamot and Patchouli, Geranium, Lemongrass, Grapefruit Leaf, Sage Rosemary and Lavender, and Cucumber and Mint.

L:A Bruket

LA Bruket Lavender Linen Water

Create a peaceful and relaxing ambiance in your space with LA Bruket's Lavender Linen Water. Formulated with natural lavender essential oil, this mild and refreshing spray is crafted to rejuvenate your linens, leaving behind a subtle and calming fragrance. Spritz it onto your bed, towels, or garments for an immediate sense of freshness and relaxation.

Beyond its refreshing and soothing qualities, this linen water is crafted with natural and organic ingredients, ensuring its gentleness on your skin and the environment. It is devoid of harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances, making it a safe choice for all fabric types.

Organic grooming essentials

LA Bruket | Grooming Products

Whether you rock a beard or prefer to be clean-shaven, there is a nourishing selection of products for each grooming style. For the perfect solution to tame a dry and tangled beard, LA Bruket’s laurel leaf beard oil has tons of properties to help moisturize, soften and stimulate both your beard and skin underneath. With just a few drops, it is easily absorbed and provides soothing protection on each use.

For men that love a soft and clean shave, the range of shaving products offers the ultimate grooming must-have. Apply the LA Bruket shaving cream for a super sleek shaving experience and finish with LA Bruket aftershave balm for a cooling and calming skincare treat.

“The ambition of our products is to gradually train your skin to perform better in the long-term. Rather than a quick temporary fix, these are formulas designed to fit into a daily skincare routine and form part of a healthy lifestyle for years to come.”

Mats Johansson and Monica Kylén | LA Bruket Founders.