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Moleskine Limited Editions

Moleskine Limited Editions | The Project Garments

6+1 Noteworthy Notebooks To Never Lose Track Of Your Dreams Again

Let's admit it; we never faced such an uncertain period before. For most of us, the daily routine changed fundamentally alongside our thoughts and the future as a whole. Whether your new reality is closer to remote working, home-studying or just an urgency to connect the dots of it all, what we need more than ever, is to focus on the power of our own ideas. And when ideas are decoded into notes, a Moleskine notebook is the best place to capture them.

It's not a secret that Moleskine notebooks count numerous huge fans with glowing reports on their durability, quality, and design. An elastic closure and a matching bookmark ribbon hidden into the pages of a bound notebook with adorable textured paper that may last for a lifetime. As simple as that. But apart from the practical part, Moleskine Limited Editions pays homage to famous worldwide bands, series, and heroes, all carrying great stories worth sharing. We, at The Project Garments, strongly believe that an amazing story from the past is a seed, powerful enough to trigger inspiration for creating amazing stories, first put into words, and eventually into deed. Find yours between our six plus one inspiring suggestions!

Moleskine Limited Edition Large Ruled Pokemon Collector's Edition

Moleskine Limited Edition Large Ruled Pokemon Collector's Edition

Gotta Catch 'em All by all means! Be an idea-trainer, and never let them go. Use the Poké Ball notebook to collect them into words and keep them stored and safe, ready to flourish. The 240 ivory-papered pages of a hardcover notebook with Pokémon Limited Edition theme in an eye-catching red, white and black graphic. Dare you to fill them using your personalized roller pen and the themed stickers. Challenge accepted!

Moleskine The Beatles Limited Edition Pocket Ruled Notebook Black Fish

Moleskine The Beatles Limited Edition Notebooks

Commonly regarded as the most influential band in popular music history, you cannot help but respect and admire this powerful symbol of groundbreaking change under the name “the Beatles”! You don't even have to be a fan to get carried away by their yellow submarine to a world of notes where all you need is love! Thus, we couldn't decide between the Moleskine The Beatles Limited Edition Pocket Ruled Notebook Black Fish and the…. Moleskine The Beatles Limited Edition Pocket Ruled Notebook Black - All You Need Is Love pocket-sized notebooks. Both of them are designed in bold prints and retro patterns, with instantly recognizable song lyrics offering a highly curated, innovative artwork, not lacking the bookmark ribbon, the expandable inner pocket, and the elastic closure. Their psychedelic vibe is showing you the way for your own breakthrough.

Moleskine Game Of Thrones Limited Edition Pocket Ruled Notebook Red

Moleskine Game Of Thrones Limited Edition Pocket Ruled Notebook

George R.R.Martin invaded our lives some years ago, creating one of the most fascinating stories, followed by one of the most record-breaking series on HBO and worldwide. Gather your thoughts, list your plans, and draw your strategy. Either way, you will be asked to pick a side, regardless of whether your last name is Stark, Baratheon or Targaryen. At the hardcover, Tyrion Lannister is eternally willing to whisper you a precious word of advice, surrounded by an inspiring red-colored graphic with the Lion of Westeros's house of Westeros! Easy notetaking, even when on-the-go, thanks to its small size. Hard to resist this one!

Moleskine Limited Edition Batman Pocket Plain Notebook Moleskine

Moleskine Limited Edition Batman Pocket Plain Notebook

Fiercely moving towards you from Gotham City, on the hardcover, always in motion, this highly admirable, altruistic superhero is spreading the subliminal message that the time is now! No time for stepping back or delays! The time is now to express yourself by brainstorming and the words written will be your guidelines to proceed with your goals and dreams! Equally admirable, the sleek monochrome design graphics by Moleskine are funny and stylish at the same time. Its plain, acid-free, ivory pages call you to set your imagination free, writing, and drawing wherever, without line restrictions. Rounded corners, elastic closure, and the rest of the high-quality Moleskine standards will be found here, as well as in all of Moleskine Limited Edition Notebooks.

Moleskine Mickey Mouse Limited Edition Pocket Ruled Notebook

Moleskine Mickey Mouse Limited Edition Pocket Ruled Notebook

Agitating our childhood memories, both innocent and arch, the absolute star of Walt Disney Company, Mickey Mouse has become a symbol with his dominant cartoon personality since he formed role models for generations. Not to mention, this guy was there long before us, starting from 1928! And still one of the most worshiped, so even if it is not for your kid, but your inner child, don't feel embarrassed. The cover of this one is surprisingly inconspicuous, yet suitable for a workplace environment! Namely, black with a neutral beige debossing in a retro mood, not lacking the inside and out decoration drawings of his iconic image! The expandable inner pocket in the back will be your ally, gathering posts and cards. It even includes a drawing guide to creating your own Mickey (supposedly during the lunch break!).

Moleskine Star Wars Limited Edition Large Ruled Black

Moleskine Star Wars Limited Edition Large Ruled Black

No doubt, there is something epic about this one! If you are not one of the five or six people in the world that ignore the Star Wars pop-culture phenomenon, this large, ruled writing pad, may be the reason to get you back in truck in the speed of light with your goals, captured on Moleskine ivory paper, away from the Dark Side. Create a new episode every time you turn a page of the hardcover notebook and highlight your ideas with the themed stickers. Moreover, you are going to fall in love with the designed graphics inside and out. In case you are one of the few people alluded before, surely this is a longed-for gift for your beloved ones.

Creativity could blossom even in the most unexpected situations, so keep your passions and talents all awake. The legendary Moleskine Notebooks offer you the essential kit. Stay imaginative, stay productive, fill the empty pages, and make your notebook's content genuinely worth it!

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