The Absolute Holiday Gift List

The Absolute Holiday Gift List | The Project Garments

You probably already noticed, in between rubbing your cold hands and listening to another forever-there radio holiday song, in the car, heading home that jingle bells are on the way, getting louder day by day.

While you are at a holiday mood, do not hesitate to admit that the Christmas-present subject is not as carefree and joyful as it is supposed to be. Stressful thoughts about your budget’s adequacy or just lack of imagination are not going to preoccupy your mind.

Not this year. Regardless of the state of your bank balance, we at the Project Garments have prepared a curated list of inspired products, the dream-gifts to adorably be nestled under the Christmas tree.


Repunation Stationery | Heritage

Repunation Stationery Heritage

Everyone needs a notebook once in a while. Happily Ever Paper created a colorful, silky-typeset, a-bit-more-than-a-notebook, collection. Hard-hitting or just hilarious intended commenting on national stereotypes or on each country’s reputation that any person of spirit will grin in satisfaction at. Ideal for a Secret-Santa occasion at the office.

Taschen Van Gogh Complete Paintings

Taschen Van Gogh Complete Paintings

Thanks to Van Gogh’s universal recognition and unquestionable value, this is considered a classic and will eventually win over even the most awkward social gathering.

With a comprehensive study of Vincent van Gogh, Taschen offers a complete catalog of his 871 paintings, including Sunflowers, The Starry Night, and Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear. Τhe collection features its emblematic artwork that has been recorded as a vital part of humankind’s civilization of today. The book also contains writings and essays of this artistic genius.

Native Union Eclipse USB Charger EU

Native Union Eclipse USB Charger

This list would we self-shameful, shall it lacked high-tech news feed. Utility made with the finest materials is what Native Union is all about. This charger stands out for its capability to charge up to three devices at maximum speed and its impeccable, functional design. We all have in mind at least one gadget-lover that would cheer up on this integrated cable management system. Make it happen, and have them continuously thank you for the rest of the year.


Patricks Jet Life Travel Essentials

Patricks Jet Life Travel Essentials

It’s not like we didn’t have a shampoo before, but it’s this time of the year that we all wish for this shampoo wrapped inside a beautifully curated gift box, surrounded by Christmassy gold dust, indicating that someone else has already thought of our essential need. Let alone, when this shampoo is Patricks-branded, one of the top manufacturers of its kind.

This one is meant for the travelers, in a luxury box, accompanied with a moisturizing conditioner and a medium hold styling product.

Murdock London Vetiver Cologne

Murdock London Vetiver Cologne

The always well-received but personal present, celebrating the most unconscious of the five, the organically-attached to our vivid, primary instincts, sense.

This vetiver cologne from Murdock London is both earthy and adventurous, both grounded and edgy, with notes of citrus, lavender and woody tree moss, all contributing to a distinctive, intoxicating aroma. The approved winner between the tried-and-tested scents, we bet it will be highly appreciated.


London Sock Co 6-Pair Gift Pack

London Sock Co 6-Pair Gift Box

From your closest and beloved family relative to the most discerning, judicious-tasted co-worker, this will meet the needs. Let’s be honest. Socks may not be fancy but absolutely payback on useful. Not to mention, that not more often than rarely, anybody gets to renew their closet with a couple of new pairs.

London Sock Co socks are luxurious, knitted using Scottish Lisle cotton yarns, in six traditional colors, and exclusively stocked at The Project Garments.

Card Case In Dark Brown Alligator Leather

Card Case Dark Brown Alligator Leather

Well, this is the obvious practical one, while, at the same time, it never stopped being a clear status indicator. Even if, back then was the wallet and now it’s more of a cardholder, the sense is the same. Elegant in its simplicity, this perfectly formed card is handcrafted in Italy from Louisiana alligator leather. It will neatly fit inside a tailored-pants pocket. Choose it for a traditionalist and prepare yourself for cheers and hugs under the mistletoe.


Mantidy Herringbone Cheese and Wine Leather Roll

Mantidy Herringbone Cheese and Wine Leather Roll

Just a leather travel accessory or much more? We tend to believe the second and not without reason. Mantidy's cheese and wine roll set is a handwoven, genuine-leather organizer, stylishly gathering everything that a wine-lover and a cheese-connoisseur would yearn. A unique collection of gold-finished knives, spoon, ergonomic, stainless steel corkscrew, and a spherical wine bottle stopper wrapped provocatively enough to become the apple of contention in every self-respectful dinner party, not missing the indispensable wine and cheese assortment.

Cartwright and Butler The Great Wooden Crate

Cartwright and Butler The Great Wooden Crate

A refined, vintage wooden box full of all kinds of delicacies, semi-opened next to the fireplace, silently inviting you to approach, is one of the most prevailing, holiday pictures. Cartwright and Butler made it real, offering a compilation of traditional, savory, and sweet, mouthwatering tastes, staying loyal to the brand’s exemplary standards. Delicious marmalades, crumbly shortbreads, festive cakes, tea, and thin slices of bread, all nestled up in the box, would fit great in a close friend’s home or traveling by you when driving home for Christmas!


Leica Sofort Red Compact Instant Camera

Leica Sofort Red Compact Instant Camera

Passion and perfection for creating perfect images is the head value for Leica, one of the less than few, cutting-edge camera manufacturers worldwide. Leica Sofort is small, versatile, and miraculous, an exquisite combination of style and functionality in intense red color. The user doesn’t have to be a photography freak to enjoy a so funny a gift, precisely because there is an enabling program suitable for every occasion, you just decide your subject and Leica will manage the rest. The camera is instant; the photos are physical; you can touch them, write at the back of them, or hang them on your fridge like the good old times. Indulge in a couple of shots and capture the moment next to the blissful recipient of this one.

Montblanc Platinum-Coated Classique Fountain Pen

Montblanc Platinum-Coated Classique Fountain Pen

Montblanc doesn’t need introductions. You already know that this piece is precious and will undoubtedly get you not only vigorous nods of approval but most probably the most privileged seat at the Christmas table. This platinum-coated pen is crafted from black high-valued resin, inlaid with a white Montblanc Emblem and the unique, admirable, hand-crafted gold nib concentrates all the subtlety and wisdom of Montblanc while evolving this pen into a timeless design icon.

Suntory Yamazaki 18 Year Old Single Malt

Suntory Yamazaki 18-Year-Old Single Malt

The one-horse-open-sleight ride is, by all means, more pleasant after several sips of an excellent spirit. New Year’s Eve without a reputable malt whiskey would be considered irreparably insufficient. Let alone when this malt is 18-Year-Old, multi-award-winning, and is signed Yamazaki, the oldest whiskey distillery in Japan. Its deep amber color, its incomparable smoothness, and the high complexity of the numerous tastes, namely fruit, oak, and smoky notes, rank it between the legendary. Santa can be deucedly generous with the extra-nice kids this year.