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Murdock London Review | The Project Garments

With a selection of grooming products built on the foundation of years of expertise in traditional barbershop techniques, and designed with an intimate understanding of the grooming needs of their clients, Murdock London has firmly established itself as the modern, style-conscious man's best friend. For over a decade, the company has offered the finest, contemporary take on the traditional men's grooming performance products to take the Murdock London Barbershop experience at home. Murdock London's products are designed precisely to respect the characteristics of men's skin and hair, as the award-winning range has everything you may need, nothing you do not. Murdock's heritage respectfully nods to the finest barbershops of Victorian London and an English way of doing things: meticulous attention to detail, inherent good manners, and artisanal values Murdock share with tailors of Savile Row. Murdock London is made in England. How does that sound for reliability?

Murdock London Sea Salt Volume Mousse

Murdock London Sea Salt Volume Mousse

The professional care of the master hairstylists who staff the legendary barber salon lies in your hand's palm. Murdock London's top three bestselling products, Murdock London sea salt volume mousse is a unique styling product that has earned the right to be considered essential. If you are not familiar, you may wonder how a sea salt product would do you any good. Let's find out.

Volume and Matte Texture

Does your hair continue to fall limp after every wash? Or do you struggle to maintain a consistent technique to get your hairstyle right every morning? Sea Salt does sprout instant volume to flat hair for a natural, fresh and healthy hairstyle, reviving tired bristles, giving shape to lightweight hair, and performing peerlessly. What is important is that it leaves a matte finish without the greasy after-effect that might be caused due to the use of other styling products.

Natural Curl

Murdock's sea salt mousse reproduces this much sought-after effect, helping you make the difference between merely tidying up your hair and laying the foundations for sculpting a defined, natural style. The perfect waves that recreate days spent at the beach. Do not give up your dream of those beautifully wavy locks.

Natural Oils And Extracts

Natural plant oils and citrus fruit extracts are wisely added to this formula since Saltwater is known for ingesting the natural oils in the hair. During summer holidays, hair gains a new-found texture thanks to that. The natural oils and extracts have long-term, refreshing, and glowing, beneficial effects on the hair, not to mention the rejuvenating scents.


No time to wash your hair today? Murdock London sea salt mousse works excellent too. It will absorb the excessive greasiness, leaving your hair fresh, having gained back their volume.

How To Use

Apply to wet hair before styling to give a firmer shape to the body. Otherwise, spritz several times on to dry hair to succeed volume and create a matte finish instantly. You may run your hands through it and go through with the hairdryer on the cold setting.

Murdock London Beard Conditioner

Murdock London Beard Conditioner

We bet the relationship with your beard has had many ups and downs along the way. Tangling facial hair, dryness and breakage may be only a few of the reasons. Murdock London has you a great solution to your problems with this miracle beard conditioner. It is carefully designed to give strength to your beard while at the same time softens the wild and rebellious hair. The formula is free of hard detergents and PH-balanced. Wheat protein will naturally strengthen the hair, and will fight against breakage, and will promote shine. Citric acid will smooth and balance the PH of the hair, leaving them healthy and sleek in their best possible condition. What about the skin underneath? All the elements that Murdock London Beard consists of are beneficial to your skin, ensuring it will not get irritated.

How to use

Massage a beer-cap sized amount, into a wet beard. Give it some time to absorb, then rinse with cold water. Prepare for a huge difference. Fall in love with your beard again!

For best results, use in conjunction with Murdock London beard shampoo.

Murdock London Beard Moisturiser

Murdock London Beard Moisturiser

When it comes to beard care, there is a fine line between sexy and scruffy. The search for the perfect beard needs patience and mostly maintenance. Luckily, Murdock London has launched a revolutionary beard moisturizer to help make the pursuit of perfect facial hair a little easier. Say goodbye to the wrath of an itchy beard. It is crucial to remember to keep both your beard and skin beneath hydrated. Murdock London's award-winning, all-in-one beard moisturizer is quickly absorbed and conditions the facial hair and the skin underneath. This helps to relieve the irritation and combat any unattractive, flaky skin. It also helps to transform dry, brittle hairs into healthy and slick beards that will be the envy of your friends. Dare and blend the beard moisturizer with your beard oil of choice and give your beard all the extra attention it requires.

How to use

Run two pumps upwards evenly through facial hair, as close to the skin as possible. You can use it on a daily basis for a healthier, more appealing, scented beard.

Murdock London Beard Oil

A remarkable beard begins with a blend of patience and a spirit of exploration.

However, sustaining a great beard over time requires the right products, and none are as crucial as the best beard oil. In the hierarchy of grooming essentials, it's a close second to only a reliable beard trimmer. Whether you maintain a precise 24-hour stubble or embrace a full hermit-style beard (or anything in between), having beard oil in your grooming arsenal is essential.

It provides a potent infusion of hair-softening and skin-protecting ingredients, typically a mix of natural oils, in a manner that regular facial moisturizers may struggle to match. While many men understand the importance of proper care for their hair, it's not uncommon for those with beards to overlook that their facial hair demands the same level of tender, loving care. Murdock London Beard Oil prevents facial hairs from becoming brittle and unruly. It ensures that your beard stays soft, avoiding the need for constant neck scratching, and tames those pesky flyaways that seem determined to escape.