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Murdock London Review

Murdock London Review | The Project Garments

With a selection of grooming products built on the foundation of years of expertise in traditional barbershop techniques, and designed with an intimate understanding of the grooming needs of their clients, Murdock London has firmly established itself as the modern, style-conscious man's best friend. For over a decade, the company has offered the finest, contemporary take on the traditional men's grooming performance products to take the Murdock London Barbershop experience at home. Murdock London's products are designed precisely to respect the characteristics of men's skin and hair, as the award-winning range has everything you may need, nothing you do not. Murdock's heritage respectfully nods to the finest barbershops of Victorian London and an English way of doing things: meticulous attention to detail, inherent good manners and artisanal values Murdock shares with tailors of Savile Row. Murdock London is made in England. How does that sound for reliability?

Sea Salt Spray | The Project Garments

Do your hair continue to fall limp after every wash? Or do you struggle to maintain a consistent technique to get your hairstyle right every morning? To achieve the perfect waves that recreate days spent at the beach and to help deliver consistency to your style, Murdock London Sea Salt Spray has firmly established itself as an essential hair product for the modern man. Saltwater is know for ingesting the natural oils in hair which is why during summer holidays hair gain a new-found texture, volume, and natural curl. Based on that principle, Murdock developed a unique styling product that recreates this much sought-after effect when needed helping you make the difference between merely neatening up your hair and laying the foundations for sculpting a defined, natural style. Don't give up your dream of those beautifully wavy locks.


Oils of Tangerine Orange and Lemon Natural Sea Salts.

Black Tea Body Soap | The Project Garments

Few things stand the test of time to earn the right to be referred to as classics eventually. The Murdock London team took it upon themselves to improve one grooming classic that desperately needed a makeover. A bar of soap. Originally dating back to ancient Babylon, the modest soap bar used to be made from animal fats boiled with ashes to be used as a cleaning detergent! Because of its skin irritating and drying vice properties, it slipped out of the favor in recent years. So Murdock came to the rescue and embarked on making the soap bar cool again! They substituted all the notorious skin-stripping detergents with moisturizing ingredients such as Olive Oil and Vitamin A and D that gently cleanses, nourishes and helps lock moisture into the skin. Murdock London Black Tea Body Soaps are hand-cut and will look after your skin like no soap has ever done before.


Olive Oil Coconut Oil Vitamin A and D Sweet Almond Oil certified organic Palm Oil Cocoa Butter Goat's Milk.

Beard Moisturiser | The Project Garments

When it comes to beard care, there is a very fine line between sexy and scruffy. The search for the perfect beard needs patience and mostly, maintenance. Luckily, Murdock London has launched a revolutionary Beard Moisturiser to help make the pursuit of perfect facial hair a little easier. Say goodbye to the wrath of an itchy beard without having to shave off all of your hard work. It is crucial to remember to keep both your beard and skin beneath hydrated. Murdock London's award-winning, all-in-one beard moisturizer is quickly absorbed and conditions both the facial hair and the skin underneath. Not only does this help to relieve the irritation, and combat any unattractive, flaky skin; it also helps to transform dry, brittle hairs into healthy and slick beards that will be the envy of your friends. Dare and blend the beard moisturizer with your beard Oil of choice and give your beard all the extra attention it requires.


Aqua Cetyl Alcohol Glycerin, Parfum Citric Acid Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein Panthenol Cinnamomum Zeylanicum (Cinnamon) Leaf Oil Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil Pogostemon Cablin (Patchouli) Leaf Oil Menthol.