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Bose - This ominous monosyllabic word has become synonymous with crystal sound and innovative speaker design. One would be forgiven to think this company was founded in the trendy design quarters of Scandinavia where simplicity and great craftsmanship have long been a way of life. You would be forgiven, though.

Bose is a company that was built in Massachusetts, by Amar Bose, an MIT Ph.D. holder. With its prime focus on home sound systems, inner and outer ear headphones as well as in-car entertainments systems, Bose is both a statement piece as well as a reserve of those who value quality sound as part of a fully immersive entertainment session. The sound should be enjoyed regardless of whether you are watching an epic thriller on your home cinema system, simply relaxing with a good audiobook or hosting a house party with your favorite people.

The story of Bose began in the early 60s when Amar bought a Hi-Fi system, only to be disappointed with the quality of the sound it emitted. As a result, he dedicated eight years to researching the dynamics between speaker vibrations and the electronics they were built on. He started to manufacture speakers which provided "Better Sound Through Research". This slogan is now the company's strapline. It's safe to say that the rest is now history. With manufacturing taking place in one of four plants in the USA, Mexico, and Malaysia, Bose is enjoyed by music aficionados who understand the importance of clean unadulterated sound.