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Minimalism and simple design was a prominent feature on the SS19 catwalks. Taking cues from designers such as Chloe, Hermes, and Prada, this trend saw a revival in sleek silhouettes and uncomplicated aesthetics to bring a refreshing twist to the new season's creations. Alongside a minimalist approach to clothing, this direction also welcomed new innovations in athleisure and casual wear.

The relaxed and fresh style of the athleisure trend blurs the lines between functionality and fashion with chic and comfortable pieces that can be worn from day to evening. Color palettes within the minimalist trend also offer a neutral selection of tones that add an understated aesthetic to a range of sleek designs.

Garment Project Type Taupe Suede Sneakers

Fresh and functional footwear

A brand harnessing minimalist design and adding a touch of Scandinavian aesthetic to footwear is Garment Project. This fresh concept combines a passion for style paired with attention to detail on the thing that matters the most – comfort.

The collection is crafted with high-quality leather and suede to give your foot ultimate support and impressive all-day wearability. The simplicity of the sneaker design offers an understated look to your outfit choice. Yet oozes coolness alongside casual and athleisure garments.

Garment Project Type Navy Nubuck Sneakers

Neutral colorways and understated texture

Garment Project shoes not only exudes pure stylistic qualities, but it also offers wearers a muted color palette to complement a variety of outfit options. Darker hues such as navy and black pair perfectly with smart, casual looks while lighter shades such as taupe and grey mix well with summer styles and trends. The range also provides the opportunity to add subtle texture to your footwear collection; with a blend of soft suede uppers and all-black leather materials. To harmonize these minimalist shades, each sneaker has matching laces to refine its sleek appearance.

Garment Project

It's all in the details

Many fashion designers will tell you that good design comes down to getting the finer details on point. And nothing could be more accurate than with the sneaker collection from Garment Project. Alongside its stylish exterior, the technical specifications make this footwear a joy to wear day in and day out. The signature stitched cup soles, memory foam insoles, and padded heel counter provide a sumptuous cushion for your feet – giving you a comfortable shoe to wear for work and play.

Garment Project

Classic design with a contemporary feel

To capture the essence of timeless style, Garment Project has designed footwear and lifestyle essentials that transition throughout seasons. These must-have pieces can fool the eye with their simplicity, but behind this minimalist design, they showcase craftsmanship and impressive functionality.

 Garment Project Type Taupe Suede Sneakers

Less is more

If you're looking to style the minimalism trend, then incorporating a less is more approach to your attire is the perfect aesthetic. To complement your overall look and harness a contemporary vibe, the Garment Project collection is an ideal footwear option that blends these characteristics to encapsulate the trend.

Garment Project

Looking at Buying Your First Pair of Garment Project?

Garment Project comes in a mix of materials and colors. While the decision can sometimes just come down to a specific color that you’re looking for; however, the material will also be a significant factor, especially when it comes to shoes. In doing so, the decision will come down to suede, nubuck, or leather.

If you are the kind of person who just wears one pair of shoes for a long time, then go with leather. Our Tyre model comes in leather in two variations both in black. Garment Project Type black leather sneakers with white sole and Garment Project Type black with black sole. The leather will probably just last longer with minimal care.

Suede will actually require less maintenance as you just need to spray with Jason Markk repel spray. A leather shoe requires constant care and conditioning to be in top shape. Garment Project Tyre model comes in suede in two variations while nubuck comes in two more. Garment Project Type waxed grey suede sneakers in light grey and Garment Project Type Waxed Taupe Leather Sneakers in taupe and Garment Project Type Grey Nubuck Sneakers in Grey and Garment Project Type Navy Nubuck Sneakers.

Creasing is one more significant factor with leather shoes, they age with the way you wear them.

As far as comfort is concerned, suede is soft obviously. Leather is stiffer. In general, you will hear that suede sneakers are more comfortable, although leather softens with time.

Check out the Garment Project collection and find the perfect pair of sneakers to complement your minimalist and athleisure style.