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Grenson Shoes : Classic and Stylish Footwear

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Grenson is a brand with a rich history. This iconic shoemaker prides itself on producing classic styles with clear quality. They are most fondly known for traditional brogue designs, with their shoes worn by celebrities past and present.

Grenson - A Long History

The story of Grenson shoes begins in 1866. Their founder, William Green, started making shoes in his loft above the Corn Merchants in Rushden, Northamptonshire, and this was where the tale began. Back in those days, all shoes are crafted by hand. Careful effort and a lot of time were put into every boot to ensure the finest in quality.

This enduring ethos that the best shoes are the ones made by handstands to this very day. Grenson still makes shoes by hand, because they believe that the outstanding quality cannot be replicated any other way. Something as crucial as your shoe shouldn't be left to a machine, so they make Grenson boots the old-fashioned way.

Our collection of Grenson shoes showcases the designers Goodyear Welted technique. This traditional method of shoemaking helps to create a durable and timeless construction. The process may take up to eight weeks, and each shoe is individually crafted to meet the highest standards.

It's incredible to think, how such a classic approach has managed to stay strong even though many years of technological advancements have been and gone.

Grenson Brown Hand Painted Leather Oxford Sneaker

The Grenson Collection

Grenson offers a stylish and sophisticated collection of formal and casual footwear options. Each shoe is crafted in the Grenson factory and is the perfect complement to any outfit. All designs are based on a ‘skin to box’ ethos with precision craftsmanship rooted in every collection.

Exclusive sneaker collection

Our selection of Grenson shoes showcases a range of options for fashion-conscious men. The collection features Grenson’s first sneaker design based on the retro 1970s tennis shoe. This classic look also offers a selection of colors including tan, white and brown. For subtle texture, the Sneaker 1 Ash Suede shoe is also a perfect on-trend style.

Grenson Ash Suede Tennis Oxford Sneaker

Traditional leather styles

Grenson is renowned for leather footwear, and no collection would be complete without a selection of classic brogue boots and shoes. The exquisite detail and sharp sophistication make each option ideal for men of all ages.

It is easy to see why this is a desired collection. Grenson shoes themselves all have the same quality because they've never deviated on their traditional methods. They know that sticking by a process and maintaining that precision is a crucial part of success.

Shoes to complement both formal and casual looks

The versatile collection of Grenson shoes and boots offers an individual the chance to style a range of outfits with ease. The subtle detail and sleek tailoring present a statement shoe that can be worn for years to come. The distinctive character of each shoe represents a refined look, and whether you decide to pair them with suit trousers or rolled up jeans, this unique footwear works seamlessly with a range of classic outfits.

Grenson White Leather Oxford Sneaker


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