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The Tools Each Man Needs In His Home Bar

The Tools Each Man Needs To Have In His Home Bar Now | The Project Garments

A home bar provides the ideal setting for both celebratory parties and cozy evenings spent at home if you will choose to invest in high-quality equipment and premium spirits. Having the right tools for your bar isn’t about being fancy it’s about making your life a whole lot easier during the cocktail or drink making the process as well as delivering a recipe spot on.

Having just a few high-end bottles of bourbon isn’t all you need in your home bar. Alongside your nicely curated collection of liquor bottles, you need some killer tools although after you’ve spent your bar-stocking budget on high-end bourbons, the last thing you will need to read is a shopping list of all the tools you must have to turn that liquor into a drink or cocktail.

Tools For Home Bar

Whether to stir up a Gin Tonic for yourself before going to bed or a Negroni for your date before you cook that very impressive meal you have been planning. While usually the first thing that you are thinking about stocking your bar, you'll also want to think about fundamental bar tools.

These will help you mix those drinks. There are always new specialty tools however you truly only need a few tools to start making craft cocktails at home. Here are some stunning basics that will turn you into an expert at-home bartender that will be a source of pride.

Coravin Model Two Elite Wine System

Coravin is a wine preservation system that allows you to pour wine without having to remove the cork.

Coravin Model Two pierces the cork with a thin cork-friendly needle that doesn't remove the cork, so you can have some wine and then continue to cellar the bottle. Coravin Capsules filled with Argon gas push the wine out of the bottle and into your glass and protects the remaining wine from oxidation. Coravin solves the problem of not drinking an entire bottle of wine at one time.

It is an excellent tool for any connoisseur who regularly purchases good-quality wines. It is also great if you are hosting a wine and cheese party with a bunch of different bottles without feeling the need to finish all the bottles.

Coravin Model Two Elite Wine System

Double-Sided Jigger

A double-sided metal jigger custom designed to be an exact one shot 1.5oz and half-shot 0.75 oz measure, this high-quality stainless steel Jigger is a critical element of any bar collection, guiding your hand to the perfect pour—every time. That will allow you to measure for most essential cocktails.

Double-Sided Jigger

Wine Key

A good wine key is priceless; ours features a combination wine key and bottle opener, The Host Key can be stored mid-use on any bottleneck or at rest on its included magnetic dock.

A Wine Key

Extra Large Ice Cube Tray

Larger cubes melt slower, keeping your drink colder for a longer time compared to traditional ice as well as they prevent your drink from getting watered down. Furthermore, they look great in any glass. Moreover, our lid blocks out disturbing flavors from your freezer, while the internal steel frame makes the filling and transporting the tray a breeze.

They are great for whiskey, scotch, bourbon, tequila, vodka, and other drinks traditionally served on the rocks.

Extra Large Ice Cube Tray

Collins Ice Tray

This tray makes four ice spears that fit perfectly in a Collins or highball glass. The provided lid blocks out pesky flavors from your freezer, while an internal steel frame makes the filling and transporting the tray a breeze.

Collins Ice Tray

Wine Pourer

Delicately pour your wine from the bottle to your glass without spills with this refined piece from Normann Copenhagen. Both minimal and luxurious, designed by Simon Legald, the pourer is light, durable and stable, thanks to its silicone, which ensures that the wine pourer stays firmly on the bottle's neck. When you don’t use it, be sure you place it somewhere to be seen, as it could be apparently considered as a piece of art.

Normann Copenhagen Wine Pourer Bronze Peeler

Though some peelers are mainly designed to make garnishes, most home bartenders will be ok with a vegetable peeler. Normann Copenhagen’s peeler is insanely sharp and is built to last for a long time. The silicone covering ensures a comfortable grip.

Normann Copenhagen Peeler Black


Beautiful curves, pleasant handling, natural to take out, here is the perfect Garcon… to open all your bottles. Made from metal and stainless steel.

The corkscrew is part of our wine tasting bar set which also includes, a cork opener, a model 54 cork, and a wine thermometer all beautifully packaged in a wooden box.


Cork Opener

Opening champagnes and sparkling wines become secure when using the appropriate tools. For champagne and sparkling wines, there's a cork opener that safely controls pressure and that allows you to have full control over the cork as you remove it from the bottle and a bubble cork that preserves the effervescence of opened bottles. This expertly designed opener can be used to uncork bottles safely.

The cork opener is part of our wine tasting bar set which also includes, a corkscrew, a model 54 cork, and a wine thermometer all beautifully packaged in a wooden box.

Cork Opener

Wine Thermometer

Each wine has an ideal tasting temperature. To be reassured that you taste your wine in optimum conditions, you have to check that it is served at the right temperature. Insert the wine thermometer inside the bottle, ensuring that the end of the stem is in the liquid. Then read the temperature that is indicated by the pointer.

The wine thermometer is part of our wine tasting bar set which also includes, a cork opener, a model 54 cork, and a corkscrew all beautifully packaged in a wooden box.

Wine Thermometer

Twin Blade Corkscrew

L' Atelier Du Vin's Bilame twin-blade corkscrew, is a historical part of L'Atelier du Vin's range since 1949. The Bilame extracts and leaves the cork intact, even those which are old and fragile. The cork is not pierced and thus does not crumble. As the legend goes, the Bilame was the favorite tool of waiters in French bistrot. Thanks to it, they could take a few sips from bottles and then replace corks without anyone noticing.

L' Atelier Du Vin Bilame Twin Blade Corkscrew

The Tools Each Man Needs To Have In His Home Bar Now