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Monopoly Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Edition


€45.00 EUR

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It's time to leave the comfort of Quick Stop Groceries and show those big wigs in Hollywood what's really up in Monopoly Jay and Silent Bob Stike Back Collector's Edition. Go after what's rightfully yours when you buy, sell and trade locations from the film. Grab your favourite token and go along with the less-than-dynamic duo on their travels to save some animals, bash some foes and venture across states.

Ages: 16+ | Players: 2-6

In the Box

  • Gameboard
  • 6 x custom tokens
  • 28 x tittle deed cards
  • 16 x Snoogans cards
  • 16 x Snoochie Boochies cards
  • 32 x house renamed Miramax security guards
  • 12 x hotels renamed Federal wildlife Marshals
  • 1 x pack of custom movie checks
  • 2 x dice
  • Rules and 60-minute speed play rules

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  • 1-5 days delivery time.
  • 15 days return. Product must be sealed, unopened and in its original package.
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