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Claus Porto

Claus Porto Agua de Colonia No4 Clementina



Citrusy and fresh, Claus Porto's Agua de Colonia No.4 Clementina has been expertly blended to capture the magnificence of Portugal. Developed by perfumer Lyn Harris as an olfactory reminder of her travels through Portugal, the Agua Clementina Cologne is reminiscent of citrus groves and winter fruit by the River Douro.

Boasting notes of bergamot, lemon, grapefruit, and mandarin rind are fused with lavender, orange flowers, and petitgrain. Claus Porto's Agua de Colonia No.4 conjures up a beautiful aroma.

Based in Portugal, Claus Porto has been crafting beautiful fragrances using traditional artisanal methods since 1887. Claus Porto's creations are infused with an artisan's heart and soul and are celebrated for their authenticity and exclusivity.

Size: 125ml | 4.2 fl.oz

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