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Baxter of California

Baxter of California Shave Tonic



Baxter Of California's revitalizing Shave Tonic helps you get the best shave possible while maintaining healthy skin pre-and-post-shave. Menthol and essential oils cool razor burn and prevent in-grown hairs, while Vitamins E, D, and A hydrate and protect the skin.

Size: 120ml | 4fl.oz.

How to use

For use pre-shaving, soak a clean towel with hot water.

For post-shaving, use cold water instead.

Ring out excess water and spray towel with the product.

Apply to face for 30 seconds, avoiding eye area. Do not rinse.

The product can also be used without a towel. Spray directly onto face after shaving, avoiding eye area. Do not rinse.

Delivery and Returns

  • Product dispatches within one business day.
  • 1-5 days delivery time.
  • Due to the nature of this product, this item is non-returnable and non-exchangeable.

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