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The appearance of Japanese whiskey has been widely attributed to Masataka Taketsuru who began his whiskey journey in 1918 when he traveled to Scotland to uncover the secrets of whiskey making. Masataka’s family operated a sake brewery, and he was taught from an early age the skills of alcohol production. This and the fact that later on, he deepens further his knowledge at the University of Glasgow where he studied chemistry, as well his apprenticeships at Scotch whiskey distilleries granted him a great depth of knowledge on production and blending.
In 1934, Masataka founded Nikka Whisky, and his first distillery was built in Hokkaido and named Yoichi. In 1969, a second distillery was founded, Miyagikyo Distillery. Its first whiskeys were sold as Sendai Single Malt, and it was not until Asahi acquisition of Nikka in 2001 that the Miyagiko Distillery was expanded to cope with the demand.
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