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Taschen Forever Butt

Taschen Forever Butt | The Project Garments - A
Taschen Forever Butt | The Project Garments - B
Taschen Forever Butt | The Project Garments - C
Taschen Forever Butt | The Project Garments - D
Taschen Forever Butt | The Project Garments - E


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Delightfully direct and dirty. The best of BUTT magazine.


An anthology of the literate gay magazine that also manages to be very fun and dirty at the same time. In this meaty package, BUTT editors have selected the best images and interviews from more than a decade in print, including candid interviews and sexy pictures with such spectacular men as Marc Jacobs, Gore Vidal, François Sagat and Your Big Dick Host.

Pocket-sized, gay and pink, the first issue of BUTT magazine was published in 2001, sweeping aside the cliches of the gay press. Ever since, the magazine has maintained an independence, resisting clean-cut commercialism in favor of frank Q&As, revealing a direct take on sex between men. Just by being its horny and happy self, BUTT has attracted contributions from the world’s best photographers and writers. Meanwhile, BUTT parties and the CLUB BUTT social network have mobilized an international army of loyal fans and friends in sexy solidarity.

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  • Hardcover, 16.5 x 23.3 cm, 536 pages.
  • ISBN: 9783836551571.

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