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Monopoly David Bowie Edition
Monopoly David Bowie Edition
Monopoly David Bowie Edition


Monopoly David Bowie Edition



Travel around the board collecting classic Bowie albums and building Arenas and Stadiums as you seek your fortune.

Attend Bowie tours, and hire Musicians and Crews to make your performances blow their minds. Pick up Special Sound and Vision cards and see whether they open doors, pull some strings, or bring the stars crashing down.

What in the world will you do if your opponents start to win and have a look back in anger?

Choose from one of six Special tokens: Major Tom, Black Star, Black Tie White Noise, Aladdin Sane, Diamond Dogs, or Ashes to Ashes.

Ages: 8+ | Players: 2-6


If London roads aren’t your thing, then how about trying the Monopoly David Bowie edition? Yes, there is such a thing.

Naturally, this is one for "fans only". After all, why would you want to play this one unless you are a Bowie fan? You could be coerced into it by a friend who does, but ultimately you’ll need to know and love Bowie’s albums if you want to get good value out of this version of Monopoly.

That’s because the Bowie albums are at the heart of this game. Rather than buying up property, you buy up the albums then charge other players rent for landing on them. Once you own the album, you can also build stages and stadiums to charge extra rent and bankrupt your fellow Bowie obsessives.

Some nice little details too, such as custom Bowie tokens, those reimagined Monopoly spaces, bespoke pieces, and Bowie-themed Monopoly money.

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