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Taschen Dark City: The Real Los Angeles Noir


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What is Wrong in Tinseltown? Explore The dark side of Los Angeles from 1920 to1950


Explore the dark reality behind the City of Angels in this omnibus of photographs and ephemera revealing the dark side of Los Angeles from the 1920s through the 1950s. From the crime of the Black Dahlia to the corruption of mayors and cops, discover the flip side of the L.A. that inspired the movies and novels which came to be known as “Noir” in this edition, complete with bound-in facsimile magazine clippings.

After the World War I, L.A. was a city awakening to its darker side, transforming itself from a little town to a metropolis and city of the future. But along the way a tarnished patina began to coat its ever-more glamorous facade. As thousands of people flocked to the city with their dreams and desires, too came get-rich-quick schemes, phony religions, organized crime, and corruption.

A visual history: Dark City brings together images from archives, museums, newspaper photos, private collections, and the author’s image library to reveal the true grit, grime, and horror stories of Los Angeles from the 1920s to 1950s. In large format, we go through the back alleys, the gin joints, tattoo parlors, nightclubs, gambling dens, and the most brutal crime scenes, to uncover a city crawling with mayhem and murder.

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  • Hardcover, quarter-bound, 25 x 27.8 cm, 480 pages in slipcase, complete with bound-in facsimile magazine clippings and die-cut bullet holes.
  • ISBN 9783836560764.

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