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Korres Clear Sunscreen Body Walnut and Coconut 150ml

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Organic Walnut oil provides natural protection from the sun, while organic Carrot oil enhances the natural tanning process and prevents premature skin ageing.

Coconut oil, also of organic origin, keeps the skin soft and supple.

Walnut oil is a golden-hued oil, extracted from the kernel of the fruit. It is high in linoleic acid and helps regenerate, tone and moisturise dry or sunburned skin. Moreover, rich in cinnamic acid, Walnut oil provides natural protection from the sun.

Coconut oil is extracted from dried coconuts. Its light, non-greasy texture does not clog skin pores and gets easily absorbed by the skin.

Thanks to its emollient properties, it keeps the skin soft and supple.

Shake well and apply evenly onto body at least 30 minutes before exposure to the sun. Re-apply frequently to maintain protection, especially after perspiring, swimming or towelling.

In order to reach the protection level indicated by the sun protection factor, sunscreen products have to be applied in a quantity that is equal to 2mg/cm² (approx. 6 teaspoons for the body of one average adult person). Not using the adequate quantity of sunscreen will lower the level of protection significantly.

Do not stay too long in the sun, even while using a sunscreen product. Over-exposure to the sun is a serious health threat.

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