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Grumpy Mule Organic Sumatra Gayo Highlands Ground Coffee
Grumpy Mule Sumatra Gayo Mighty Coffee

Grumpy Mule Organic Sumatra Gayo Highlands Ground Coffee

Grumpy Mule

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Grumpy Mule’s best selling coffee. Roasted a touch darker, this is a particularly smooth, full-bodied earthy coffee with underlying herbal notes and a chocolatey finish. The organic Sumatra Gayo Highlands coffee has a deep flavor that makes it a fantastic after-dinner coffee.

Pair your morning coffee with Cartwright and Butler Salted Caramel Biscuits.

Size: 227g.

Sumatra Coffee

A staple of traditional blends, Indonesian coffee, particularly those from Sumatra are typically noted for their heavy body-mouth-feel, earthy tones, and lower acidity. When the quality is good and consistent this can lead to an accessible and uncomplicated coffee.

The wet hulling process is a hybrid coffee method common in Sumatra. It results in a darker green coffee with little silver-skin clinging to it, and a particular lower-acidity, earthy, heavy body flavor profile. For the wet-hulled method, the farmer picks ripe coffee cherry, pulps off the skin, and either dry it immediately, but only down to around 40-50% moisture content. The coffee is then sold to the mill who then dry it to 25-35%, and run it through the wet-hull machine. Friction strips off the parchment, and the bean emerges swollen and whitish-green. Then it is dried on the patio down to 11-14% moisture, ready for sorting, grading, bagging, and export. In many parts of Indonesia, this method is commonly called Giling Basah.

Coffee in the Aceh region, located at the northern end of Sumatra, is often planted with other crops at altitudes from 1350 to 1700 meters. Cherry is collected on the farms then is washed and fermented for 24 hours. The pulp left over after processing is used to make organic fertilizer for the trees. Parchment is subsequently dried in greenhouses (solar dryers), where it remains for about 15 days to achieve optimum moisture content.

Product Details

  • Producers: Koperasi Pertanian (KOPTAN) Gayo Megah Berseri Cooperative.
  • Varietal(s): Tim-Tim (Timor), Lini S, Ateng (Catimor).
  • Processing: Semi-washed, wet-hulled and sun-dried processing.
  • Altitude: 1350-1700m.
  • Region: Gayo Mountains, Central Aceh district.
  • Country: Indonesia.
  • Certification: FTO.
  • Strength Rating: 4 - Strong.

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