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Federico Fellini

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Ringmaster of dreams: Step into Fellini's world

"All my films turn upon this idea—there is an effort to show a world without love, characters full of selfishness, people exploiting one another, and, in the midst of it all, there is always—and especially in the films with Giulietta—a little creature who wants to give love and who lives for love." Federico Fellini

Forever a circus ringleader at heart, Federico Fellini (1920–1993) is remembered as one of cinema’s greatest storytellers. From bittersweet, heart-wrenching tales (La Strada and Nights of Cabiria) to semi-autobiographical classics (La Dolce Vita and the much-imitated 8 1/2) to ambitious period-pieces (Satyricon and Casanova) to dreamlike pseudo-documentaries (The Clowns, Roma, and Intervista), Fellini brought his inner world to the silver screen in a profoundly original and innovative way.

Among his many gifts to the world of cinema are the roles he created for his wife, the unforgettable Giulietta Masina.

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