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Edmond Fallot Blackcurrant White Wine and Dijon Mustard Set

Edmond Fallot

€13 EUR

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This set contains 3 different types of mustards:

  • Blackcurrant and White Wine Dijon Mustard 205g: Black & brown mustard seeds along with verjuice, Blackcurrant cream and Dijon are the key ingredients to this delightful mustard. This melding of flavors creates a spectacular taste that is ideal for meat rubs, marinades, and vinaigrettes.
  • Dijon mustard 210g: The paste for the classic Dijon Mustard is obtained with the mix of one-third Brassica Nigra or brown Brassica Juncea mustard seeds with two-thirds verjuice, grape juice harvested in Burgundy. The result is a smooth Dijon mustard with a very characteristic bite.
  • Seed Style White Wine Dijon Mustard 205g: The high quality and flavor of this specialty mustard is due to the traditional mustard seed grinding with silex grindstones.

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