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  • Grenson Shoes

    The Grenson shoes have a timeless appeal and are renowned for craftsmanship. All the shoes in this collection are Goodyear Welted: an old shoemaking technique that ensures that the shoes are strong and last a long time.

  • Novesta

    Novesta makes super-simple, ultra-ace canvas shoes. The toes are chunky, the eyelets are massive, and there is even a little sketch of an intrepid explorer on the sole…what is not to like? They're vegan too - not sure why you would want to eat them.

  • Garment Project

    Garment Project represents a passion for minimalist design combined with a Scandinavian touch. Garment Project combines a relaxed attitude with coolness and the importance of great comfort. Their aesthetic goal is to bring together timeless designs with a contemporary feel.

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