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Rhythm 108

Protein and energy balls

The idea for Rhythm 108 came when the founders discovered the philosophy of slow living. They had just moved to Switzerland and discovered the Alps and the sense of wonder and simplicity they instilled. They formed a close connection to the food as they were eating through the local farmers' markets at the center of every Alpine village.
They wanted to take this passion and local artisan tradition and use it to create delicious treats that were based on their modern values. Plant-based, natural, and wholesome. And so, a small business called Rhythm 108 was born from that idea.
108 is an ancient golden number in nature that represents balance in many cultures valuing traditions but applying it to our modern way of life. The team is serious about making an impact and a change, but their products are also just as much about pleasure and nourishment that come from the traditions of the past.
Today, their team is made of some amazingly experienced and talented Patissiers from their region, who bring local know-how to each of their delicious recipes.
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Rhythm 108
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