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Coravin Three Needle Kit



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The Coravin three-needle kit contains three different Coravin wine system needles, providing you with a needle for any bottle or situation. The needles are precision engineered to minimize disruption to the cork, effectively allowing it to reseal completely after the needle is removed. The non-stick coating provides effortless insertion and removal of the needle through the cork for hundreds of pours. Finally, the textured grip surface allows for quick removal and replacement with a different needle as required.

In the Box

The Coravin three-needle kit contains:

  • Faster pour needle: a slightly wider gauge, this needle will pour a glass of wine more quickly from bottles with corks that are in good condition.
  • Vintage cork needle: with a slightly thinner gauge, this needle is designed to access the older bottles in your collection that may have a fragile or delicate cork.
  • Standard replacement needle: the same needle that comes standard with each Coravin System, this needle can replace your original needle should it become worn or misplaced.


  • When should I replace a worn needle?
  • If you notice it becoming difficult to insert or remove the needle into the cork, the coating on the needle may be worn. Inspect the tip to look for wear or damage. If the special coating has worn off, leaving a silver color rather than black, you may need a new needle.

  • How can I tell which needle I have in my Coravin?
  • Bands around the grip of Coravin needles are color-coded for easy reference: Red for the Faster Pour needle, Black for the Standard needle, Silver for the Vintage Cork needle, and Gold stands for the Premium Needle.

  • How do I unclog my needle?
  • If you have determined that your needle is clogged with cork particles, use the Needle Clearing Tool included with your Coravin System to unclog it. Hold the Needle Clearing Tool by the handle and gently poke the tool through the eye of the needle to remove any cork particles. Always hold the needle by the needle grip. Insert the clearing tool into the top of the needle by the needle grip, and slide down to push any excess cork towards the eye of the needle. Poke the tool through the eye to the needle again to remove any last cork particles. Repeat until no cork is visible.

    How it Works

    The Coravin Wine Preservation System Needles are easily installed and replaced. Start with the clamp in the down position. Grasp the needle grip, located at the top of the needle, and unscrew it to release it from the System. The needle drops down quickly. Tilt the needle slightly and pull it up and away from the system to remove it. Install a new needle by carefully removing the needle guard. Place guard onto the old Needle and dispose of according to local regulations. Hold the new needle by the grip and slide the pointed end back into the Needle Guide, slightly tilting the needle. Screw the needle Grip back into the System until fully tightened.

    Delivery and Returns

    • Product dispatches within 1 business day.
    • 1-5 days delivery time.
    • 15 days return. The product must be sealed, unopened and in its original package.

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