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We love the title of George Brescia’s new book!

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People may say we are superficial, they may say we are lame! But we believe in the power of dressing. Your clothes will change the way you feel about yourself greatly, although they don’t have to be the only reason for that. On the other hand, you can also feel better about what you are wearing if you know where it comes from, if you know how it is made, shortly if you know the cycle of life of your cloth.

Here are Project Garments, we are trying hard to define this cycle of life as clearly as possible, in order to be part of it, in order to help it, in order to give back to our community through it.

We started our first project of such kind by giving to save Rhinos. Our plate is full. We are working on many other projects, which we will announce gradually. For now, we want to say that our conscious is getting clearer with every step and we do believe in changing into Project Garments, will make you feel that way too!

Happy Clothing Everyone!

Hello You!

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