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The New AW 2015 2016 Season

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The Project Garments' main goal is to reinvent itself in itself each and every season. As a team we never let go of our classics but we love to revamp them in different fabrics and washes and all kinds of treatments.

The new AW15/16 season has rather an edgy style compared to the relaxed Californian attitude of the SS15 collection. But yet again, by edgy we mean Project edgy, with the highest comfort and quality. With Bob Dylan murmuring the soundtrack to our creative process, the streets of London inspired the looks of the Project Man for fall. The colors became somber and the patterns more graphic. The hues are defined by the gloomy light of the British sun, taking away the vibrancy of the summer colors. The green is rather musky, the pink more dreamy, the beige rather beige-grey and the blues quite rainy. The polka dot and anchor prints are replaced by the quilt-inspired plaids from the Scottish countryside and the severity of the mood are enhanced by the over-use of multiple zippers and metal hardware.

AW1516 has as always new washes and treatments from the Project Garments Lab. One of the is the "Dirty Shower" and the other is a take on a PG classic – " Dyed Splash". The fits for the essentials were kept the same. On the other hand, new styles were added to boost the general mood – like the oversize, long-lined hoodies and t-shirts, the box-fit tops and dropped crouch bottoms.


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