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The Benefits of Buying Organic Clothing

The Benefits of Buying Organic Clothing | The Project Garments

Organic clothing has become incredibly popular over the last few years and just like organic food has a multitude of benefits for your health, organic clothing boasts a vast number of advantages too. Organic cotton is produced around the globe, so for those considering purchasing an organic item of clothing, here’s why you should make the switch.

It’s better for your health

Organic materials are treated without the use of chemicals, such as pesticides and fertilizers. Regular clothing provides exposure to these toxins, which are absorbed via the skin and into your body. Furthermore, many have allergies to the chemicals used in clothing, causing skin sensitivity. Therefore, wearing organic clothing is far better for your health and it feels super soft against your skin.

It’s better for the environment

Normal cotton crops are grown using pesticides and other potentially dangerous chemicals, including twenty-five percent of the world’s insecticides. Organic cotton made without these toxins means there are no chemicals being released into the soil, air or water. Not only does this provide a healthy product for consumers, but it has a positive impact on farmers and their families. For farmers, it results in better soils, healthier crops and no exposure to these harmful substances.

The World Health Organization notes that there are thousands of deaths every year from pesticide-related poisoning, while it’s thought that many farmers and crop workers die each year from cancers linked to chemical use. Ecosystems are also affected as heavy rain causes pesticides and other toxic chemicals from crops to run into rivers and lakes, threatening ecosystems. What’s even more shocking is that chemical residue has been discovered in breast milk and many foods. These toxins are linked to many cancers and development problems in children.

On the positive side, growing organic crops eliminates these harmful effects and there’s also a lower carbon footprint too, as less fuel and energy are used and fewer greenhouse gases are omitted.

Cost Savings

While initially, the cost of organic cotton production may seem expensive, in the long run, it’s actually becoming cheaper for farmers to produce organic cotton crops. The rising demand for organic clothing as people become more aware of its benefits means farms are increasing their revenue and production costs are falling. Chemicals like pesticides don’t need to be purchased either, contributing to saving money.

It’s stylish

As more well-known fashion brands are purchasing organic cotton, consumers are becoming more aware of how stylish organic clothing can be. Organic clothes like our Crew Neck Supima Cotton T-shirt in Charcoal Grey can be incorporated into daily wear and offer a softer and more comfortable alternative to a regular t-shirt. Modern-day basics, such our Organic Cotton V-neck T-shirt in Asphalt Grey and the Henley Supima Cotton T-shirt in Midnight Blue are casual yet unique, demonstrating how organic clothing products can make you look and feel good.

Provides a positive feeling

Supporting a healthier lifestyle and choices that benefit the environment creates a positive feeling and you’ll definitely appreciate the advantages that pure organic, soft cotton provides.

The Benefits of Buying Organic Clothing