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What’s New: A Journey Full of Exquisite Flavours

What’s New: A Journey Full of Exquisite Flavours

Enjoy a tasteful trip on our food hall and indulge in many food delicacies from chocolates and biscuits to spices and hampers. Stacked with vibrant goodness, our foodhall section is a great place to be all year round to find all the products you need and even the ones you never knew they existed (but can't live without once you've tried them).

Cartwright and Butler Acacia Honeycomb in Window Tin

Cartwright and Butler Acacia Honeycomb is a sweet and floral honey that includes the comb with wonderfully rich and delicate flavors. Perfect on its own, or used for sweetening your beverage, it should not be kept exclusively for your morning toast! The vanilla notes also make it an excellent choice for cooking.

Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Spinner

However said that playing with your food is wrong, had never tried the Jelly Belly Bean Boozled. A fun game with seriously good and bad flavors. In this version with the spinner, each player takes turns spinning and then choosing the bean that matches the picture from the spinner. Since the unpleasant flavors look exactly like their tasty counterparts, it can be truly hilarious when you start chewing.

Comtesse du Barry

One of the most representative of modern French gastronomy brands, Comtesse du Barry, makes of 'the best foie gras in the whole wide world. With unquestionable quality and innovation, the brand takes consumers on a journey through its culinary universe and discovers a myriad of real new taste experiences along the way.

Comtesse Du Barry Block of Duck Foie Gras

Using simple recipes, quality products, and originality, Comtesse du Barry offers excellent products. Comtesse du Barry duck foie gras is the only using french geese which are raised outdoors in the Gers region and are fed with whole grain corn. Their meticulous work permits to guarantee the quality of their products.


Esophy makes daily, the best chocolates, inspired by the Mediterranean tradition, its abundant and fascinating flavors, and its rich culture. All of Esophy's products are created by hand, in their workshop, with care love and enthusiasm, so they can enjoy them fresh and taste their ingredients at their best, and always in season. Their philosophy is that every chocolate should unveil a memory, rooted in flavors that define true quality.

Cartwright and Butler Tomato and Basil Wheat Flat Bread

Cartwright and Butler's tomato and basil wheat flatbreads are oven-baked for extra crunch and flavored with tomato and basil. Either on their own, or as a base for canapes, these are undoubtedly a classic. The best pairing for your cheese plate and with such subtle flavor it will compliment your every appetizer.

Kusmi Genmaicha Tea

Genmaicha is a Bancha green tea into which popped and roasted rice has been added. When this tea from Japan is brewed, it has both the fresh flavor of the green tea and a light hazelnut under-flavor from the roasted and popped rice. The aroma is strong, sweet, and heavenly and with a spoonful of raw honey, it will bring out a natural sweetness without being overwhelming.

Mantidy Herringbone Cheese and Wine Roll

A cool and practical solution to house all of your dinner party cheese and wine needs nice and tidy! Made with genuine napa leather, Mantidy Herringbone Cheese and Wine Roll is a stylishly curated organizer which includes two cheese knives, a butter knife, and a chutney spoon, all forged from brass and finished in brushed gold to help you always feel at the top of your game.


Inaudi is the synonym for high-quality porcini mushrooms. From the beginning, the quality standards of their products have been extremely high, whether fresh, dehydrated mushrooms or mushrooms in oil. All of their products are harvested and traditionally made by hand by specialized staff.

Cartwright and Butler Loose Leaf Green Tea and Jasmine in Caddy

Cartwright and Butler brand new range of loose leaf teas are, without a doubt, a true classic that won't go out of style. With it’s delicate and refreshing taste combined with the excellent jasmine flavour is the ideal tea for everyone that looks for a subtle scent and smooth and silky taste.

Kusmi Tea

Kusmi Tea is a tea house, with over 150 years of history, that cultivates both modernity and tradition with its unique wellness blends, its classics and its famed recipes that are so iconic today. Their varieties are widely known for their perfect balance of savory and herbal essence. All tea leaves are gently hand-picked and then cultivated to blend into a Kusmi masterpiece delicately.

Cartwright and Butler Large Wicker Hamper

Cartwright and Butler started small in Yorkshire, in 1981, and quickly grew to a premier delicatessen using only the finest ingredients that are gorgeously packaged in pastel hues. The Large Wicker Hamper is a quality traditional wicker basket that has been given a makeover in pistachio green before being filled with some of its most delicious products, including preserves, chutneys, cheese biscuits, and tea and coffee, all of exceptionally high-quality.

TruffleHunter Minced Black Truffle

TruffleHunter started more than 10 years ago central Italy, where some of the world's finest fresh truffles are to be found. From truffle oils to truffle salt and more, the TruffleHunter products are made from the best ingredients. Their Black Truffles are minced and preserved fresh at the peak of the season when they are at their most flavourful. The black Summer truffles (Tuber Aestivum) are usually only available from June to August. However, the preservation process extends the life of the truffle by as much as 18 months, allowing you to enjoy the incredible taste of truffle at any time of year.

Cartwright and Butler Coconut and Macadamia Nut Crumbles

Wondering what could happen if you added crushed macadamia nuts and coconuts in the classic and delicious buttery crumble recipe? The answer is a delightfully moreish biscuit that you'd simply be nuts not to try since they are a buttery, melt-in-the-mouth, sensation. The perfect accompaniment to a milky tea Cartwright And Butler Coconut and Macadamia Nut Crumbles are the subtle showstoppers of the cookie world. The signature Cartwright and Butler tin, is making it an ideal gift if you can bear to part with it.

Grumpy Mule Organic Sumatra Gayo Highlands Ground Coffee

Grumpy Mule's best selling coffee. Roasted a touch darker, this is a particularly smooth, full-bodied, earthy coffee with underlying herbal notes and a chocolatey finish. It has great character and depth of flavor and makes a fantastic after-dinner coffee. Passionate and excited about the uniqueness, variety, and seasonality that only quality Arabica coffees can provide, Grumpy Mule offers a unique coffee blend, full of flavor and aroma, that can be enjoyed with or without milk.

Inaudi Pasta Foglie Di Ulivo with Spinach

Inaudi's Pasta Foglie Di Ulivo with Spinach is an artisan and bronze extruded pasta made from Organic Wheat and Slow-dried at low temperature as tradition demands with added organic spinach for an extra savory character. Exceptionally delicious pasta that works as a tasty foundation for all kinds of sauces, especially white sauces like alfredo. Sprinkle freshly grated Parmesan on them and enjoy the simplicity of the flavors.

Salthouse Quirky Salt Pack

Salthouse is all about flavor. Great flavor and few ingredients. From backpacking in the Himalayas to trekking the salt flats of Bolivia. Salthouse brought the best home. Every salt has a story. Utilizing the natural environment in unique ways to evaporate seawater is epitomized by these salts. This carefully curated and presented gift set, includes the finest products making sharing salt and pepper a story with others easy.

Inaudi Red Head Porcini Mushrooms in Olive Oil

These rare and precious mushrooms, which grow mainly in middle and high mountains areas, are a great starter or an excellent garnish for many dishes. Big, gorgeous, a specimen of the mushroom kingdom so mighty that Mario himself couldn't conquer it. The epitome of flavor, texture, and appearance.

TruffleHunter Professional Italian Truffle Shaver

The TruffleHunter Professional Italian Truffle Shaver has been expertly crafted using the highest quality materials. With the adjustable screw attached, you can shave your truffles beautifully from super thin to a slightly chunkier thickness depending on your choice! The finely carved rosewood handle ensures the user has a comfortable grip whilst shaving. You can also use it on other items like vegetables and even cheese.

Cartwright and Butler Tea Chest

Cartwright and Butler's wooden tea chest comes replete with 10 tea bags of each of 6 different tea flavors, wrapped in their own envelope to ensure freshness and quality. The perfect gift for a tea connoisseur, each chest contains an English Breakfast Blend, a pure Ceylon tea, a classic Earl Grey, a refreshing Green Tea, an exotic Chai tea and a perfectly balanced Green Tea with Rose Petals.

Esophy Olive Oil and Sea Salt Dark Chocolate

Esophy's 70% dark chocolate recipe with olive oil and sea salt is inspired by Greek's cuisine most crucial ingredient, namely olive oil. Olive oil is the symbol of life in ancient Greece. The superior quality of the olive oil used in Esophy's chocolate bar comes from the famous groves of Peloponnese in Greece. So for the fans of bitter and salty pairings, this is an exciting combination where the flavors and aromas are continuously evolving.


Valrhona has been producing the finest chocolate in the world in France since 1922. From the beginning of this journey, the company founder and Pastry Chef was dedicated to the creation of unique, top quality chocolate with complex, balanced, and consistent flavors. Enjoy the velvety and enveloping texture of Valrhona Chocolate while experiencing the best that the chocolate has to offer.

Edmond Fallot

Edmond Fallot an independent and family-owned company that enjoys a worldwide reputation because of the top quality products they create, and particularly the home-made mustards. Edmond Fallot's Whole Grain White Wine Dijon Mustard is an exquisite specimen of their mustard range originated in France. The high quality and flavor of these specialty mustards are due to the traditional mustard seed grinding with silex grindstones.

DrJacksons Expedition Tea Bags

Dr. Jackson's Expedition 21 Tea Bags is a caffeine-free wake-up call with a difference, keeping you motivated and hydrated without the astringency of black tea or coffee. Enjoy the refreshing yet vibrant taste of this blend first thing in the morning and throughout the day. It is ideal for maintaining balance and stamina.

Cartwright and Butler York Blend Coffee

There is nothing everyday about this everyday blend. Beautifully rich, well-rounded flavor and rich aroma with chocolatey undertones. This medium roast 100% Arabica coffee delivers a medium-bodied, clean taste with a vibrant sweetness, lingering acidity, and a beautiful, clean finish. The perfect blend any time of the day.

Peppermongers Muntok Pepper

Perfect for white meat, greenery and vegetables and even chocolate Peppermongers Muntok Pepper is a spicy white pepper with intense, floral, more delicate, yet pungent, spiciness. Muntok White Peppers can be ground using most any traditional pepper grinder but since they lose their essential oils when ground, only grind what you need! Spice up your every meal and add exquisite flavor at the same time!